2021 First-half Preview
February 26, 2021

Greetings, Marvel Strike Force fans! We’re already into February but we’d still like to formally welcome you to the new year, and spring will be here before you know it. The development team has a number of projects and initiatives that we’re working on in 2021. As we’ve started doing this about every 6 months, we would like to give you a preview of some of the things we’re targeting to release in the first half of the year. 

New Features


The Marvel characters we know and love have evolved in many ways since they were introduced to the world through the pages of Marvel comics. One thing that just about all of the characters in Marvel Strike Force have in common is that they have worn multiple costumes/attire in their various appearances. 

We’re excited to announce that the ability to change character costumes is coming and we’re happy to share some of the changes you will be able to make:


One of the exciting aspects of costumes is that we can visit iconic uniforms and apparel in the Marvel universe across many timelines and media. Some characters that currently have classic attire might get access to a more modern look, and vice versa. Or certain characters that have threads inspired by the pages of the comics might unlock a new ensemble from a Marvel movie or television series, and vice versa. The possibilities are practically endless! Please note that the costumes shown here might not be the first ones made available, but they will be coming in the not-so-distant future.

The methods in which costumes will be unlocked is still being finalized, but it’s likely that they will be available through several different modes in the game, similar to how characters are unlocked through various modes & events.

We know that this is something our players have been asking for and we’re eager to hear your feedback on which costumes that you would like to see for your favorite characters. We plan on releasing a steady stream of costumes for years to come.

Iso-8 Tier 2

Last year when the Iso-8 feature was introduced, we were thrilled with the positive response from players to such a game-changing feature. It laid the groundwork for us to expand on it in the future and consider what the next evolution would look like. We’re happy to announce that the next iteration is now in production.

Iso-8 Tier 2 is intended to be “late game” content when introduced and players will first gain access to Tier 2 Crystals and Ions as rewards in the Doom Raids. We’ll have more details on Tier 2 in the coming months.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass

Most of you have likely already been earning rewards with Mojo’s Mayhem in Real-Time Arena. We’ll be using a similar system called the S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass to grant extra rewards for completing daily objectives, including some new additions. In most cases this means that you’ll get more rewards, including orange gear, for the actions you’re already taking in the game. 

There will be different levels of rewards based on your current level in the game. For example, the pass for newer players will likely contain a lot of blue and purple gear, while the pass for veteran players will contain more orange gear. More details shall be revealed closer to release.

Exclusive Original Character

Not gonna lie: we’re pretty stoked about this next thing. We’ve been working closely with Marvel to create a brand new named character (not a minion), never-before-seen, that will be introduced into the Marvel universe exclusively through Marvel Strike Force! Oh yeah, they’ll officially become canon in the Marvel universe too. Expect to hear more about this character’s unveiling closer to the game’s anniversary around March/April.


Saved Squad Tabs

We’ve been steadily rolling out improvements over the past year to the Squad Select screen and the associated Character Roster & Saved Squad screens. With many base improvements made we’re now able to move on to something that has been highly requested: Saved Squad Tabs! Instead of having only one list of Saved Squads, you’ll have multiple tabs & lists associated with several of the most popular game modes like Arena, Blitz and Raid.

While that larger feature is being worked on, we plan to add more Saved Squads in the next game version as a stopgap.


Raid Season Milestone Rewards

This is something we mentioned in a previous post but is worth mentioning again as it’s an important feature that is due to be spruced up with the meta-game. Currently, many Alliances tend to finish the Raid Season Milestone rewards rather quickly, so we are looking to improve the long-term experience with more top-tier milestones for additional rewards including orange gear.

Raid Key Tracking

This is something that’s been requested by many Alliance leaders & officers: the ability to see which members of their alliance are contributing those vital raid keys. We know that Alliance leaders have additional QOL improvement requests and the team is reviewing those to evaluate what we can address this year.

Red Stars for Ultron

The team wants to give additional value to opening Basic Red Star Orbs and we’re doing this by introducing a new currency that will be a part of the orb drops. This new currency will be redeemable to purchase Red Stars for characters like Ultron, who previously didn’t have any access to them, and additional Red Stars for Ultimus. The new currency will give players some additional agency into getting Red Stars for specific characters in the future. Please note that the new currency is intended to be something accrued and redeemed over a period of time.

API (Application Programming Interface)

This is something that we’ve been working on for the better part of a year and we’re very close to rolling out a beta version. We’ve been in close communication with the admins of MSF.gg to create an API that will allow their website direct access to certain game information such as mission nodes and general info about characters including (but not limited to) XP upgrades, Iso-8 upgrades, and traits.

We’ll be progressing from an alpha test to a live beta test in the near future, with limited features. Our intent is to keep building on the API over time with more features and eventually opening up access to additional partners. We’re committed to the long-term support of the community and this is one of the ways in which we are dedicated to that.

Under Review

Everything mentioned above is already in production. There are a couple topics that aren’t fully in production yet but are actively under review by the team and plans of action are currently being explored.

Alliance War

This is many players’ favorite game mode and we realize that it could be spiced up a bit to encourage some new tactics. We’re currently exploring several options to shake things up a bit and we should have more information to share in the near future on those plans. We want to revisit the room bonuses and we’re exploring allowing for additional attacks and additional defense squads per room.

Real-Time Arena

We’re taking community feedback into account on several aspects of the feature, including the recent change to players quitting a match before it’s finished - this created some unintended edge cases. We’ve also heard community feedback regarding some imbalances in matchmaking and a desire to have a greater incentive to focus on winning matches. We’ll continue to explore options to incorporate feedback and iterate on the mode over time to help improve the overall experience.


And there you go: that’s your preview of what we’re working on for the first half of 2021. We have a lot of improvements and special events planned, especially around the time of the game’s anniversary in March/April. Please note that everything mentioned here is subject to change and has the possibility of being pushed outside the given timeframe. We’ll do our best to keep you updated on the status of these initiatives.

While we’re constantly looking at how to update and improve existing features, we are simultaneously working on developing new game modes that will provide unique and thrilling challenges. While we’re not quite ready to talk about any of these yet, we do want you to know that they’re under construction - they generally take a lot more time to create compared to improvements on current features. We hope to have more details to share later in 2021 or possibly early 2022.

Thank you very much for playing Marvel Strike Force and please stay healthy and happy in 2021 and beyond.

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