Version 4.4 Known Issues & Iso-8 Alliance War
September 30, 2020

A big “thank you” to everyone that downloaded the new version 4.4 and jumped into the Iso-8 feature! We’re incredibly eager to see what powerful classes players will assign to characters and the new squad combinations they could lead to.

There are some technical issues that were introduced in 4.4 and we want you to know that we’re currently working quickly to address as many as possible:

  • Iso-8 Campaign nodes freezing: if a player tries to go into a node from the Campaigns tab (not Sim it) the game is incorrectly checking to see if the player has enough REGULAR Campaign energy instead of Iso-8 Campaign energy - this is where the game stalls. No regular Campaign Energy is taken away. The temporary workaround is to ensure you have a minimal amount of regular Campaign energy, which satisfies the checkpoint, but the game will take Iso-8 Campaign energy correctly.

  • There was a temporary issue where Gold was not being awarded in Iso-8 Campaign nodes. This issue has now been fixed and we will be sending out compensation for the missing Gold

  • In Dark Dimension, some displayed power values have visually changed. This is a visual issue with the power calculations and is being investigated.

  • Campaigns defaulting to the first node after completing other nodes. As a workaround: this will be corrected upon restarting your game

  • Gold, Training Module and Ability Material information windows don’t open in the orb chamber

  • Stark Tech Bonuses appear to be applied to characters in Balanced Draft battles

  • A 28-day Gold Promotion calendar ended early but will be restored for those that purchased it

  • Black Bolt’s “Royal Strike” ability is missing upgrade text

  • A small number of players see a “Go” button instead of a “Claim” button for the Daily Objective: All Clear. As a workaround: this can be claimed upon resetting the game

  • The Iron Man Legendary Event is currently not accessible but it will be reactivated soon

Please feel free to let us know of anything else you believe is amiss.

Second, we would like to give some additional details on how Iso-8 Classes are set with defense squads in Alliance War.

When selecting a Squad to set on Defense, you’ll see an option to: Lock Iso-8 Classes for War Defense (see below). While this box is toggled, any changes to character’s classes won’t be applied to that character. 

Alliancewariso 8

If you change a character’s class and want to update them on Defense, you must uncheck the box AND remove them from the squad. Then add them back into the squad and you’ll see the Iso-8 class update. We recommend leaving this box checked to ensure that no accidental changes are made.

Please let us know your feedback so as to implement future improvements and make Iso-8 even better.

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