Acknowledging Community Feedback
February 13, 2021

Over the past few weeks, the dev team has been reading over a lot of feedback coming from many corners of the community. We've also been in discussions with leaders from some of the top alliances regarding their concerns with the economy, and we've been finding their feedback immensely valuable. Upon reflection of this feedback, the team agrees that there are some issues that have been left unattended for too long, and we need to focus on addressing them. There is a lot to sift through and prioritize but we believe it’s important to give this feedback the proper analysis that it deserves. You’ve expressed frustration about several areas of the game, and we understand those critiques come from a place of passion and love for Marvel Strike Force.

Today we want to acknowledge some of the highest-priority issues and give as many details as currently available on how we’re addressing them. It is our intention to publish a follow-up to this post in three weeks that will provide further details on the specific actions we’re taking and timelines on when you can expect to see those changes in-game.

Orange Gear Access 

The most pressing concern the community has raised in recent weeks is the availability of orange gear. Certain Orange Gear pieces, including origin pieces, Superior Basic Catalysts, and other Superior Catalyst Parts, are currently in very short supply. While we intended that players should have to make choices about where they use these components, we were overly tight on these resources, preventing players from bringing up a wider array of characters past Gear Tier 12, especially since the progression to Gear Tier 15 requires a significant amount of resources. The game isn’t yet at the point where orange gear should be as accessible as blue or purple, but it has moved to the point where non-unique orange gear shouldn’t be as tight as it is today. We are putting plans into action to correct that, and while some of those plans will take longer to prepare, some changes we can commit to in the near term are:

  • Updating the Raid Season Milestone rewards to include more rewards, especially orange gear

  • Increasing the quantity available from the Supplies Store and Raid Supplies Store

  • A new feature that we will highlight in an upcoming blog of our 2021 Preview will also be a source of orange gear. Stay tuned for more details.

Training Modules

There are players, especially newer players, who have a great need for more Training Modules. Building out a wide roster for modes like War and Blitz can be more demanding in this area than building up only a few teams for Arena and Raid. One of the ways we plan to address this is to make Training Modules more readily accessible in one of the mode-specific stores, which we’ll announce a bit later, and we are actively investigating additional options.

Character Availability

Previously, we mentioned that we’d deliver at least 2 characters per month, with one guaranteed on the first Wednesday of every month, and we believe we’ve done a good job of honoring that commitment. But last year we did allow too much time to pass without certain characters becoming “fountainable” (yeah, I guess the community decided that word is here to stay), be it in campaigns, stores, or orbs. Due to the schedule of Legendary Events and required inputs, a few characters were delayed longer than we originally intended. We typically don’t like holding characters for an extended time and will be more mindful to not allow this to happen in the future.

We have also been adding characters to the War Store without removing older characters, and that has created some overcrowding by diluting how desirable the characters in the War Store are. We are working on a plan to remove less desirable characters as new ones enter.

Doom Raid rewards

In version 5.1, we released the new end-game Doom Raid in a First Strike (early release) state. When we did this, we didn’t properly communicate our future plans for the Doom Raid including all the rewards that would eventually be going into it. We plan to include the next tier of Iso-8 (Blue) as a new end-game reward for that raid, but we’re not ready to go into details yet. While the raid is in the First Strike state, alliances ready for a greater challenge than Ultimus 7 Difficulty Level 5 can test and build their teams up in preparation for the full release of this epic challenge. 

Quitting Penalty in RTA

Also in version 5.1, we made a change to allow the AI to continue a match if an opponent quits. This was in response to players quitting out before a match was completed causing frustration in the opponent’s experience.  We tried to further discourage quitting by making it so that players who do quit don’t get progress toward objectives. We’ve since heard your feedback that there are very valid reasons to quit a match and that this felt too punishing. We plan to address this issue in an upcoming update that will allow players who quit to keep their progress from the match. The AI will still continue to play for them after they leave so their opponent can finish the match.

Raid Milestones

Raid Season milestones have been untouched since their initial implementation in 2018. We agree that this is an area that we’ve ignored for far too long and needs to be updated. One of the ways we plan to do so is by rewarding additional gear to help players progress at all levels.

Thor’s Hammer Throw Crash

Another topic that’s causing our community concern is that of long-standing bugs, and arguably none is more frustrating than the crash/soft-lock that sometimes plagues Thor’s Hammer Throw ability. This bug has been a significant source of frustration for us as well. The soft-lock issue with Thor’s hammer throw is something we’ve actively been investigating for several months. We know this is happening -- we’ve seen it happen to us -- but has proven very difficult to properly diagnose. Rest assured that we’re continuing our investigation and won’t give up until it is resolved.

Saved Squad Slots

With more characters comes a need for more Saved Squad slots and we plan to add more Saved Squads in the next game version. There will also be additional information regarding further Saved Squads enhancements in the 2021 Preview.


We know that there are other areas of concerns within the game for the community, and the items on this list don’t represent the totality of everything we’re working on, but we do feel they’re the highest priority ones right now. And as mentioned earlier, we will follow up this post in 3 weeks when we’ve had more time to solidify details and timing of the plans we’ve started discussing above, which we will then share with you. For those that look forward to our normal weekly blog entries with previews of upcoming events, we’ll publish that information tomorrow.

Player feedback is very important to the Marvel Strike Force development team and we take it seriously. We will continue to keep an open dialogue on these topics.

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