Alliance Leagues Preview
August 7, 2019

We are committed to making Alliance War one of the premier features in Marvel Strike Force and we’re excited to announce the upcoming next evolution in that process. 


Introduced with version 3.4, in the Alliance War feature you’ll see League Info, with a “Coming Soon” popup. Rather it’s a placeholder for an exciting new feature, Alliance Leagues, which will be coming in a future patch.


We would like to provide a preview of what you can expect with the Leagues feature.


One of the primary requests from players regarding Alliance War is that they would like better rewards for competing. We have designed this feature with that feedback in mind.


Alliance Leagues is a ranking system that will introduce thresholds that Alliances can reach to earn additional rewards from winning and losing an Alliance War. Alliances will now collect "trophies" in War, that they will earn by winning wars. They can also lose trophies by losing wars. When your alliance obtains enough trophies they will move up to the next alliance tier.

And yes, if you lose too many Wars, you can be demoted to a lower Tier.


Bronze 1 is the first Tier, and the first threshold in it grants the same rewards that you are currently receiving in Alliance War. Each threshold you move up will grant additional rewards in Alliance War. As a sample reward: one of the thresholds will grant bonus War currency for knocking out a full enemy squad. There will be 17 thresholds with the introduction of the feature, but more may be added in the future.


When Alliance Leagues is turned on, all Alliances will be placed in a threshold within Bronze, Silver and Gold Tiers (the first three) relative to their current standing in the ELO system. Getting into Platinum and Diamond Tiers (4thand 5th) will have to be earned subsequently.


We want Alliance Leagues to reward Alliances that work together and execute impeccable teamwork. We may adjust the rewards after release to ensure that they feel comparable to the time and resources your Alliance is committing to secure victory.


Expect to see and hear more about Leagues as we get closer to its release.

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