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September 27, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Helicarrier-sized updates are heading to the Alliance War battlefield with our upcoming version 5.7 Release that are aimed to give you more freedom when you want to engage with the game mode, add a new angle to strategy, and improve gameplay. Here's your official Alliance War Update briefing:

War Energy

The first update you'll notice is that you now start with 4 War Energy (increased from 2) and we've increased the War Energy cap from 5 to 10. A maximum of 14 attacks (10 free, 4 refreshed) per player can be done in each War. You should now have more freedom to attack when your schedule permits and the increased cap will make sure you're not missing out on any Energy.

Iso-8 & "War Ready" Trait

Characters equipped with higher levels of Iso-8 will now enjoy a new advantage in battle, in addition to what their Iso-8 Class provides. Arriving with the 5.7 Release is the new "War Ready" trait. Any character equipped with T1 Level 4 Iso-8 or higher will gain the War Ready trait during an Alliance War and receive the new bonuses we've added to several of the Helicarrier rooms. Speaking of updated Helicarrier rooms...

Room Updates

The MARVEL Strike Force roster has significantly increased in size since Alliance War launched, so to allow you to use your growing collection of characters we're increasing the number of Defense squads per player from 8 to 10. 

Make sure your Alliance sets Defense squads in these new slots immediately following the conclusion of the scheduled maintenance of the version 5.7 Release. 

Some players will only have a brief window of time to set their defenses before their next War, so be sure to update your Helicarrier room to avoid having a default S.H.I.E.L.D. team assigned guard duty.

We've also updated bonuses for various Helicarrier rooms. The Bridge now has the Cargo Bay's previous ability of applying 10 random positive effects to its defenders. The Cargo Bay no longer grants random positive effects and, instead, grants +20% to primary stats (Damage, Health, Armor, Focus, Resist) to Defense characters with the new "War Ready" trait. The Hangar still grants Deflect on Offense, but it now also grants +10% to all primary stats to Offense characters with the "War Ready" trait.

Boosts & Attacks

Attacking and Defending Helicarriers are also getting updates in version 5.7. On Defense, each player will be able to boost 5 rooms per War, up from the previous 4. These boosts will cost 75, 100, 125, 150, and 150 Defense Boost respectively. On Offense, your Alliance will be able to attack up to 4 teams at once per opposing player, which was previously only two. While viewing an enemy room, tap on a player's portrait to view their attackable teams.

We've also added a new way for Alliance officers to coordinate with the "Do Not Attack" indicator. After marking a room as a target, tap on the crosshair icon to toggle it to the "Do Not Attack" icon. Tapping the icon again will clear the indicator. This is purely a visual tool for coordination and will not prevent you from attacking the player's defense teams.

Practice Mode

Alliance War defenses continue to evolve and to help you in this ongoing challenge we're introducing an Alliance War Practice Mode. Available during peacetime (between Wars, when not matchmaking), Practice Mode allows you to test out team compositions and War battle strategies by practicing against your Alliance's War Defense teams (you cannot battle your own defensive teams). You can practice as much as you'd like during peacetime, but keep in mind that room bonuses are not active during practice mode.

We anticipate these updates to improve the overall Alliance War experience for all levels of players and give more flexibility to engage with the game mode to better-fit your schedule. We'll be closely monitoring these updates and your feedback to ensure that these updates are having the intended effects.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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