Human Torch is here!
August 23, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

The action heats up this week as we get ready for two big Blitzes, Milestones featuring deep sea royalty, a Legendary preview, and much more. First up is the stampeding tank for the Sinister Six…

Rhino Blitz

Charging into Blitz first this week is Rhino, the Sinister Six Protector. Not only is Rhino a solid addition to any squad, but he's essential for the upcoming Invisible Woman Legendary Event. You'll need a 5-star Sinister Six team for a chance at recruiting Invisible Woman, so use this event to rack up Rhino shards and bolster the squad responsible for unlocking the Fantastic Four's keystone Protector. As an added bonus, Rhino's Blitz also rewards Marvel Anniversary Orb Fragments per Blitz win and in some Milestone rewards. The Marvel Anniversary Orb contains select marquee characters and features Namor character shards at a higher drop rate. Don't miss this big Blitz event!

Human Torch Blitz

The blistering Blaster, Human Torch, is flying into Blitz on Thursday, August 29th. Commanders looking to build the versatile powerhouse, the Fantastic Four, shouldn't miss this event. Human Torch's red hot abilities include an unavoidable AoE attack, flipping negative effects on himself to positive effects, and granting Fantastic Four allies Offense Up. Scorch the competition in this Blitz for a hot payout. And just like Rhino, Human Torch's Blitz rewards Marvel Anniversary Orb Fragments, so you'll have another opportunity to grab character shards for select marquee characters and Namor.

Now Live: Marvel 80th Anniversary Milestones

Dive into the Marvel 80th Blitz & Orb Milestones this week to recruit the War Leviathan: Namor! You can earn Namor shards via the Marvel 80th Blitz, the Marvel Anniversary Orb, and the Orbs Away Milestone. Namor is a Brawler who Slows, Pierces, and Crits when attacking enemies. When combined with the Fantastic Four, the five-member team becomes the gold standard of offense squads in Alliance War.

Shuri Legendary Preview

The Legend of Wakanda is making her return to the battlefield. The Shuri Legendary Preview starts this week, so it's time to assemble, rank up, and gear up a 5-star Spider-Verse team (including the Sinister Six) for a chance at recruiting the Legendary Wakandan Controller. Shuri is the Support anchor for Wakanda -- she fuels the team with Defense Up, Ability Energy, and Charges, while also revitalizing them with powerful Heals. Start prepping now for the Shuri Legendary Event!


Starting Friday, 8/30, Campaign refreshes will max out at 80 Power Cores for only 24 hours! Use this time wisely to obtain as many resources as possible from your high-priority Campaign nodes.

Block Party & Neighborhood Watch

The Villains have been the talk of the town for a while now, so it's time to bring back a little law and order with the Block Party Flash Event and Neighborhood Watch Event. Today you can take advantage of 2x shards for all City Hero Campaign nodes and then on Saturday, 8/24, battle your way to Ability Materials using your best City Hero team during the 24-hour flash event.

That's all for this week! As always...

Good luck, Commanders!

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