The Elementalist
January 10, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

If your new year's resolution was to top the Arena ranks, obliterate the Blitz competition, or cause helicarrier hell, then read on! We've got a new Inhuman on the way, a returning Legendary Event making its first appearance of 2020, and Blitzes that'll help smooth over the transition into the fledgling decade. Raise a glass and toast the new year of Marvel Strike Force!


Expose enemies to the elements with Crystal, the newest Inhuman Blaster. The younger sister of Medusa, Black Bolt's wife, Crystal has the power to control the four classical elements: air, fire, water, and earth. This elemental control is on full display as Crystal freezes enemies with Slow and Stun, rocks them with a multi-hit attack-all, and blows back attacks by healing low Health Inhuman allies.

Your first shot at recruiting Crystal is coming soon with the "Imperial Affairs" Event Campaign. We'll have the trait requirements in the January 17th blog, so be on the lookout.

upcoming Legendary Event

Round up your Mutants, because Magneto is emerging for his Legendary Event: Asteroid M. Assemble your top squad of five-star Mutants and Brotherhood members for a shot at recruiting and ranking up the Master of Magnetism. And if you need to put the finishing touches on your Mutant team for Asteroid M, the Gifted Gathering event is coming with 2x Mutant character shard rewards in Campaign Nodes.

Blitz Lineup

Bolster your Inhuman and Power Armor forces with our upcoming slate of Blitzes. First up is Slingshot Blitz featuring Yo-Yo, the Inhuman Protector. If you're on the fence about recruiting a Protector that doesn't have a Taunt ability, our breakdown of Yo-Yo's Kit will snapback that thought. 

Flying into Blitz next is War Machine. The Power Armor team is a formidable Offensive force and War Machine packs a punch along with enjoying a synergy with Iron Man. Lock and load your Blitz teams to come away with a pile of War Machine shards.

Block Party & Neighborhood Watch

Your New Year's party might be over, but the party's still going in the city. Block Party is on the way, which means it's time to assemble your top City Hero team and fight for ability materials. To help you get ready for the party, there will be Neighborhood Watch assembling where you will have the chance to get 2x City Hero character shards in campaign. 

Until next time…

Good luck, Commander!

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