Young Avengers Revitalized
January 21, 2022


The Web-Warriors recently recruited Spider-Man (Miles), so the Young Avengers are gaining two newcomers to propel the team to Alliance War Defense glory. Joining the Young Avengers with America Chavez, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl – all of whom will be receiving updated stats and abilities in the version 5.10 Release – will be Echo, and a fifth member who we'll be revealing in a future blog. This powerful team will be formidable against Infinity Watch and many other of the top teams in Alliance War. Let's get to know the newest Young Avenger…

Maya Lopez was born the daughter of William Lincoln, a Native American of the Cheyenne Nation and a mob enforcer for the Kingpin. Although Lincoln was a friend of the Kingpin's, the ruthless crime boss eventually found it necessary to dispose of Lincoln. As a final request before his death, Lincoln asked Kingpin to look after his daughter. The Kingpin honored the request and took Maya under his care. Maya was born deaf, but due to her lip reading abilities, wasn't diagnosed as a child, resulting in Maya being placed in a school for children with learning disabilities. But after perfectly copying a pianist's performance, it was discovered that Maya could duplicate any physical action. Kingpin used this knowledge to subtly train Maya in fighting styles and weapons, eventually telling her that it was Daredevil who killed her father. Maya very nearly killed Daredevil in a mission for revenge before learning the truth. She turned on Kingpin and eventually became the costumed hero "Echo." As Echo, she's fought alongside local New York area heroes, as well as the Avengers. 

Echo is a Brawler for the Young Avengers and her kit is largely inspired by her comic history. She relentlessly attacks enemies by way of her Passive Ability, "Perfect Mimicry." Each time an enemy attacks a Young Avenger ally, Echo will attack that enemy. She also prevents the enemy team from gaining Assists and provides a significant Damage bonus to Young Avenger allies.

Repeat victory with Echo:

Traits: Hero, Global, Skill, Brawler, Young Avenger

Basic - Avenge Without Fear

  • Attack primary target for 250% damage.
  • Bonus Attack for 200% damage.
  • This attack has 20% Extra Crit Chance.

Special - Tonfa Bash

  • Energy Cost: 5/5
  • Attack primary target for 350% damage.
  • Chain to 2 targets within 2 spaces of the previous target for 200% damage.
  • This attack has 25% Extra Crit Chance.
  • Apply +2 Evade, up to a maximum of 5, to self and YOUNG AVENGER allies.
  • On WAR DEFENSE, this targets the most injured enemy, ignoring Taunt.
  • Dodge breaks this Chain.

Ultimate - Debilitating Brawl

  • Energy Cost: 4/7
  • Attack primary target for 300% damage.
  • Rebound Chain to 4-6 adjacent targets for 250% damage + apply Slow for 2 turns.
  • If a target does not have Slow, reduce that character's Speed Bar by 25%.
  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.
  • This attack cannot be blocked or dodged.

Passive - Perfect Mimicry

  • On Spawn, apply Defense Up for 2 turns to self and YOUNG AVENGER allies.
  • When an enemy attacks a YOUNG AVENGER ally, attack that enemy for 250% damage.
  • While this character does not have Blind, reduce the Assist Chance for enemies by 100%.
  • On Blind, gain Slow.
  • Gain +10% Damage if this character has any SKILL enemies.
  • Gain +25% Damage. YOUNG AVENGER allies gain +25% Damage.

Developer Note: Echo has 150% Accuracy, so when she's inflicted with Blind, she only has a 50% chance to miss. Her Passive has her inflicted with Slow when Blinded, but Blind itself is less of a debuff for her than other characters.

Greek Raid Orbs Updates

The start of the new year will see updated rewards heading to the Greek Raid Orbs (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) to help get fresh character shards into your hands. Superior Basic Catalyst Parts will be added to the orbs, along with the select characters for specific traits:

Alpha Orb: City Controller and City Support

Beta Orb: Hero Mutant

Gamma Orb: Villain Bio and Villain Mystic

You won't see the same character appear in multiple orbs, so each Raid will have unique shard rewards. Expect to see the new Alpha Orb Rewards starting January 24th at 4:00PM (PST) and the new Beta and Gamma Orb rewards will follow when their Raids go live in the following weeks. The new rewards will be in brand new orbs, and because of this, we'll be removing the old orbs from the Store six weeks after each Raid goes live. So the old Alpha Orb will leave the store March 7th at 4:00PM (PST) and so on for the Beta and Gamma Raids. Make sure you open those old Raid Orbs before they're gone.

Mojo's Mayhem

Mojo's pursuit for ratings is already in full swing in 2022 and he's got exciting rewards on the horizon. For the upcoming 15th Season, he's got his hands on a collection of fan-favorite costumes and top-tier gear as rewards. The next season starts on January 28th at 4:00PM (PST) and in exchange for racking up ratings in Real-Time Arena and Blitz, you'll be handsomely rewarded with not only Teal gear, but also Bits to exchange for Wolverine's "Weapon X" Costume, Hawkeye's "Hawkguy" Costume, and Vision's "WandaVision (50s)" Costume. If you missed out on any of these slick threads, don't miss your chance at wardrobe redemption.

Availability Update

Ghost-Spider may still be a fresh recruit for S.T.R.I.K.E., but she's already preparing to amp up her power. Direct Red Star Promotions will become available for this Web-Warrior Controller starting on January 26th at 4:00PM (PST), so head to the Elite Store then to combine Red Stars with her radioactive spider blood.

Returning Legendary Event

Screaming back toward the battlefield soon for the return of his Legendary Event is the Inhuman silent king himself, Black Bolt. "Unite the Kingdoms" is slated for January 24th at 4:00PM (PST) and to add this royal Blaster to your roster, you'll need to assemble a 5-star squad of Asgardians. Be on the lookout for your chance to elevate your Asgardians with the upcoming 2x Bonus Event: 4 Asgard.

Weekly Events

Pilfer character shards, Red Stars, and Raid rewards with our upcoming events. For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

4 Asgard Bonus Event

  • Start Date: January 23rd at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: 2x character shards for Asgardian characters from Campaigns
  • Prep for Black Bolt Legendary Event, "Unite the Kingdoms"

EXO-7 Blitz

  • Start Date: January 24th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: Falcon character shards

Alpha Raids

  • Start Date: January 24th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: New Alpha Raid Orb featuring City Controller and Support characters

Mistaken Identity Blitz

  • Start Date: January 27th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: Star-Lord (T'Challa)
  • Star-Lord (T'Challa), Yondu, and the Ravagers are a new, powerful War Offense Team. Don't miss his first run in Blitz!

Red Star Featuring

  • Start Date: January 27th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Featured characters: Yondu, Ravager Stitcher, Ravager Boomer, Ravager Bruiser
  • Boost the Ravagers with Red Stars and combine them with Star-Lord (T'Challa) for a powerful War Offense team!

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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