Like, Totally Jubilee
January 29, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Get ready to light the fuse on your Astonishing X-Men team, because we've got the details surrounding Jubilee's upcoming Legendary event. Also heading your way are more details on our Dark Dimension IV celebration and ice cold Blitzes. Now, put on your shades and let's start the fireworks...

Like, Totally Jubilee

Pack the explosive capabilities of Jubilee into your roster with her upcoming Legendary Event: "Like, Totally Jubilee!" Join Jubilee and the Pym Tech team as they journey into the Microverse to save the X-Men and all of reality in this high-stakes mission.

To join this adventure, you'll need a small but mighty Pym Tech team at 5-Stars, including Ant-Man, Wasp, Stature, Yellowjacket, and Ghost. Also take note that the recommended requirements for Missions 5-7 will be more difficult than previous Legendary Events. Here are the recommended requirements:

Mission 5:  Level 60 Gear Tier 11, Ability levels 6/6/6/4, 4 red stars, stark tech: 10

Mission 6:  Level 65 Gear Tier 12, Ability levels 6/6/6/4, 4 red stars, stark tech 15

Mission 7:  Level 70 Gear Tier 13, Ability levels 6/6/6/5, 5 red stars, stark tech 20

We'll have events and offers coming up to help bolster your Pym Tech team.

Special note: In our previous blog, we mentioned that the Nick Fury Legendary Event, Chasing Fury, was coming up next, but this has been delayed. Nick Fury will return in the near future, so stay tuned for more information.

Dark Dimension IV Celebration

If you recently heard a cry of defeat emanating from the entrance to the Dark Dimension, that's because Dark Dimension IV had its first conqueror: WatchRemanxShakeIt! Congratulations for this truly impressive feat and the… unique name he chose to immortalize.

As we mentioned in a previous blog:, we'll be holding a celebration for the entire community to honor WatchRemanxShakeIt, including a 100 character shard reward. More information is on the way, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Upcoming Blitzes

Put your enemies on ice with two heroes that really know how to sting the competition with these upcoming Blizes. Spider-Man (Miles) swings into action first in the Kid Arachnid Blitz, where you can THWIP and kick your way to character shards for this electrifying arachnid. 

Then make sure you're stocked up on Blitz Refreshes because the first run of Iceman's Cold as Ice Blitz is immediately up next. Freeze bad guys in their tracks to shovel up Iceman character shards. Don't miss one of the first chances to start fortifying the new Astonishing X-Men team.

Bonus & Flash Events

Chaos reigns supreme next week as Chaos Theory returns for its monthly appearance. Assemble your Wakandan team and lead them through Chaos Theory missions to earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. Prep your Wakandans for Chaos Theory with the upcoming Wakanda Nation Event, where the following Campaign nodes will reward double character shards for Wakandans. Please filter your roster using the trait "Wakandans" to find all affected characters, then enter the character screen and tap the [FIND] button to see their Campaign node.

That's it for this week!

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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