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January 7, 2022

Greetings Commanders,

We hope everyone had a fun, safe, and relaxing holiday season. Even though January has just begun, we've got a full slate of events heading your way to help you hit the ground running in 2022. Ring in the new year with an Event Campaign for all you rebels out there, a new dimension for your roster, a ghost sighting, and opportunities to double up your resources.


Start your sound check and make sure your roster's blunt instruments are ready to play, because your chance to recruit Spider-Punk in the Rock-N-Roll Event Campaign starts on January 14th at 4:00PM (PST). Join Spider-Man and Spider-Punk as they work together to stop a mysterious entity that's been attacking Spider-People all across the multiverse. Here are the event requirements for each difficulty:

  • Easy: Commander Level 28
  • Medium: Commander Level 43
  • Hard: Commander Level 58 and at least 5 characters with the limited-time "Rebel" trait.

Pocket Dimension

As we mentioned in our final blog of 2021, the next great battle for S.T.R.I.K.E.'s top Commanders is bursting into existence on January 14th at 4:00PM (PST) with the first ever Pocket Dimension. Located in the Dark Dimension section, these dimensions are a series of missions that require specific characters. For this edition of Pocket Dimension, Commanders Level 65+ can enter with five characters with the limited-time "Resolute" trait. There are no other additional requirements but it’s likely that you’ll need to power up your Resolute characters to a high level to meet the challenge. Just like Dark Dimension, you can use Dark Health Packs or Power Cores to Heal or Revive characters who were eliminated during battle.

Along with rewards for completing each mission, you'll also receive First Time and Timed Run rewards. Pocket Dimension rewards include fully crafted Teal and Orange gear, Catalyst Parts, Silver Promotion Credits, Gold Promotion Credits, Gold, and more. You'll only have seven days to earn these rewards, so keep an eye out for the start of this Pocket Dimension!

Returning Legendary Event

The infamous Doctor Octopus is gearing up for the first 2022 appearance of his Legendary Event, "Surgical S.T.R.I.K.E," which starts on January 10th at 4:00PM (PST). You'll need a full X-Force team at a minimum of 5-Stars to recruit Doc Ock, so start prepping now to arm yourself with this Sinister Six Legend.

Upcoming Blitzes

Hey ho, let's go grab character shards for Wakandan royalty and a new addition to the Spider-Verse with our upcoming Blitzes. Up first on January 10th at 4:00PM (PST) is the Warrior King Blitz, where you can claw through enemies and pounce on tons of Black Panther character shards. And then on January 13th at 4:00PM (PST), Dimension Traveler Blitz returns with another opportunity to recruit Ghost-Spider. Beat enemies like a drum and snare a hefty pile of shards for this Web-Warriors Controller.

Bonus & Flash Events

Prep for Doc Ock's Legendary Event, rack up Training Modules, and replenish your Catalyst supply with the upcoming Bonus and Flash Events. For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Full Force Bonus Event

  • Start Date: January 8th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: 2x shards from Campaign Nodes for X-Force characters
  • Prep for Surgical S.T.R.I.K.E. Legendary Event

Train and Gain Bonus Event

  • Start Date: January 9th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: 2x Training Module rewards from Campaigns
  • Power up Resolute characters for Pocket Dimension

Need a Hand? Bonus Event

  • Start Date: January 13th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: 2x shards from Campaign Nodes for Hand characters
  • Prep for Relic Hunt Flash Event

Train and Gain Bonus Event

  • Start Date: January 13th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: 2x Training Module rewards from Campaigns
  • Power up Resolute characters for Pocket Dimension

Relic Hunt Flash Event

  • Start Date: January 14th at 4:00PM (PST)
  • Required characters: Hand
  • Rewards: Catalyst Parts
  • Power up Resolute characters for Pocket Dimension

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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