The Purging Parasite
October 2, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

You may be wondering right now: how is it October already? Don't worry, because S.T.R.I.K.E.'s top technicians are looking into this anomaly and will report back with their findings. In the meantime, step right up to gaze upon a new Symbiote with a cure for what assails you. And after sinking your tendrils into our new character, read on for Blitzes to take a shot at and events to double your fun. Now, for everyone with a PhD (parasite-hating degree), we ask that you open yourself up to the possibility of a Symbiote with positive effects on its host...


Cleanse your Symbiote team with Anti-Venom! Eddie Brock thought he had rid his body of the Venom symbiote, but after coming into contact with a powerful form of energy, remnants of the symbiote were fused to his white blood cells. Brock dubbed this hybrid symbiote "Anti-Venom," as it lacked sentience and granted him new powers. In addition to added strength, agility, and healing factor, Anti-Venom produces antibodies that can cure any known disease and remove any other impurities within a human body. As a member of the Symbiote team, Anti-Venom is a Support specialist who clears Heal Block, heals allies, spreads positive effects, and Revives Symbiote allies.

For a breakdown of Anti-Venom's purging possibilities, check out this video (English only):

Milestone Orb Update

In preparation for the arrival of his new Symbiote members, Spider-Man (Symbiote) will be swinging to a new home in the Milestone Orb, where he'll be replacing Captain Marvel. Spider-Man (Symbiote) will be the final character added to the Milestone Orb, as we'll be releasing seasonal milestone orbs in the future. In the meantime, never fear, Carol Danvers fans, because Captain Marvel will have a temporary home in Heroes 6-9. We'll reveal her permanent node following the conclusion of the Doom's Influence event.

Full Matrix

Hit the ground running with Iso-8 with the upcoming Full Matrix Event. For 10 days, fight in Arena, Blitz, and Raid battles with characters possessing the Bio trait to earn points. The Full Matrix Milestones reward Iso-8 Crystals, and the event will provide enough Iso-8 Crystals to equip a full team (Controller, Blaster, Protector, Brawler, and Support). Gather your Crystals and start customizing your characters with the power of Iso-8!

Upcoming Blitzes

Luck's on your side this week with two chances to hit the mark in Blitz. Bullseye takes aim first in the On Target Blitz where you can pick off Bullseye character shards. Then take a chance in the Lady Luck Blitz with Domino. Set up and knock down enemy teams to scoop up shards for X-Force's Controller of fate.

Bonus & Flash Events

Malicious Manipulators

Phoenix's Legendary Event is nearly upon us, which means it's time to boost your team of Villain Mystic Controllers. Grab 2x character shards in the Malicious Manipulators Event via the following Campaign nodes:

Hela: Villains 7-6

Loki: Mystic 3-6

Nobu: Villains 6-3

Hand Assassin: Nexus 7-6

Relic Hunt & Need a Hand?

The work of a ninja is never done, because it's that time of the month again! Rack up Advanced Basic Catalysts by sending your elite Hand team into the upcoming Relic Hunt Event. 

Need to strengthen your Hand team? Skip the dojo and take advantage of the upcoming “Need a Hand?” Event. For 24 hours, the number of Hand character shards rewarded in Campaigns will be doubled from 2 to 4 in the following nodes:

Hand Sentry: Mystic 1-6

Elektra: Heroes 3-9 & Nexus 3-9

Hand Sorceress: Heroes 2-9 & Nexus 3-3

Hand Blademaster: Villains 3-6

Nobu: Villains 6-3

Hand Assassin: Nexus 7-6

That's all for now. Start thinking happy thoughts, because next week's blog is sure to give you nightmares.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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