Rule Mortals with Hela!
November 1, 2019

Greetings Commander,

This week's update is fit for the Queen of the underworld, as we're breaking down the abilities of Asgard's newest member and her loyal companion(s). We're also covering updates coming to Blitz, new milestones, and our next Legendary Event. Now, watch your feet, because our next character is arriving straight from her kingdom in the underworld.

Bow down to Hela

Asgard has been light on members for a while now, but that ends with their new Controller: Hela. She is the Goddess of Death and her gameplay reflects her grim title. She's capable of flipping Deathproof on enemies and spreading negative effects across opposing teams like a plague. But the most powerful part of her kit is her unending coffers of undead soldiers. Hela is always accompanied by an Undead Asgardian who is summoned on Spawn and immediately again when an Undead Asgardian dies. There are two more Asgardians joining the team in the future, but it'll still feel like you have a full five-person squad with Hela and her Undead Asgardian.

Meet the Goddess of Death and her Undead Asgardian:


Traits: Villain, Cosmic, Mystic, Controller, Asgardian

 Basic - Black Blade

  • Attack the primary target for damage and flip 1 Deathproof on target.  
  • Attack the most injured enemy for Piercing, ignoring Taunt.

Special - Command Undead

  • Energy Cost: 3/3
  • Attack primary target for damage and apply Disrupted for 2 turns. 
  • Gain an Assist from the Undead Asgardian.

Ultimate - Death Knives

  • Energy Cost: 5/5
  • Clear 3 Deathproof from all enemies. Gain Extra Focus for this action.  
  • Attack all enemies for damage. 
  • Spread 4 negative effects from the primary target to all secondary targets.  This will not spread Stun.  
  • Apply 2 Regeneration to all non-summoned ASGARDIAN allies.

Passive - Goddess of Death

  • On Spawn, summon an Undead Asgardian. On an Undead Asgardian's Death, summon another Undead Asgardian.
  • On Turn, Heal self for a percent of Max Health and a percent per non-summoned ASGARDIAN ally.
  • Gain Max Health per non-summoned ASGARDIAN ally.
    >  On non-summoned ASGARDIAN ally's Death, summon an Undead Asgardian.
    >  Gain Damage.
    >  ASGARDIAN allies gain Damage.

Undead Asgardian

Traits: Villain, Cosmic, Mystic, Brawler, Minion, Summon, Asgardian

Basic - Heavy Slash

  • Attack primary target for Piercing and apply Heal Block.

Special - Dark Sacrifice

  • Energy Cost:  1/3
  • Attack primary target for Piercing and apply 2 Bleed for 2 turns. This attack cannot miss (though it can be dodged).
    Attack self for Piercing damage.

Passive - Undeath

  • On Death, Heal most injured, non-summoned ASGARDIAN ally.

Upcoming Blitz Changes

To improve the Blitz experience for everyone, we've made several changes recently to help address some of the community's feedback regarding matchmaking and tier progression.

The first change made is that the ability levels of the opposing characters should now be more appropriate to the ability levels of your own characters. We've also altered matchmaking so teams with the name “Commander-[numbers]” that aren’t active players have been removed.

Thank you to the community for providing fantastic feedback, and please keep it coming as we continue to improve both Blitz and all of our game modes.

Ms. Marvel & Hela Blitz

It's no stretch to say that you don't want to miss these upcoming Blitzes. Recruit and rank up Ms. Marvel, the elastic, Inhuman Brawler, before raising hell for Asgard's newest Controller: Hela. 

now Live: Celebrated Spirits Milestones

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with the Celebrated Spirits Milestones this week. Coordinate with your Alliance to hit milestones that reset each day for 5 days straight. Score points by using specific characters in Raid battles, and if those characters are Gear Tier 11 or higher, you’ll score even more points.

Here are the specific characters to use each day:

October 31, 5:00PM (PDT)  - Wolverine & Doctor Strange

November 1, 5:00PM (PDT) - S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic & Scientist Supreme

November 2, 5:00PM (PDT) - Nebula & Groot

November 3, 4:00PM (PST) - Elektra & Minn-Erva

November 4, 4:00PM (PST) - Deadpool & Nobu

princess and the Symbiote Legendary Event

The Shuri Legendary Preview starts this week and that means it's time to web-together a 5-star Spider-Verse team for a shot at recruiting the Wakandan Support. Shuri anchors the Wakandan team by fueling Wakandan allies with Defense Up, Ability Energy, and Charges, while also revitalizing them with powerful Heals.

Tangled Web Bonus Event

Prep for the upcoming Shuri Legendary Event with 2x Spider-Verse shards. For 24-hours starting November 4th at 4PM PST, enjoy double the shards for your favorite wall-crawlers, symbiotes, and Sinister Six members.

Until next time...

Good luck, Commanders!

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