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November 11, 2022

S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute

We're grateful for all of your continued passion for Marvel Strike Force this year as we all journeyed together through the Apocalypse Saga and experienced a few bumps along the way. In our continued appreciation, we'll be throwing a party on November 14th at 1:00PM (PST) with the S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute Event where we'll be rewarding resources and high-profile character shards. Here's how to party like the S.T.R.I.K.E. star you all are:

S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute Milestone

Strike Salute Banner

Kick off the festivities by spending Campaign Energy and collecting S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute Tokens from Daily Objectives, the Care Package Web Milestone (see below), and the Daily Free Claim on our website to earn points toward this 7-day Milestone. Stock up on these rewards:

  • Gold
  • L4 Training Modules
  • Spider-Weaver, Ikaris, and Sersi character shards
  • Launch Party Orbs

Spend 1 Campaign Energy: 2 pts

Collect 1 S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute Token: 1pt

Strike Salute Chart

Care Package Web Milestone

Token Giver Banner

Collect 300 Alliance Credits to hit this daily milestone. Then head to our website to collect your rewards: S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute Tokens.

Care Package

Launch Party Orbs

Tear open these orbs to earn character shards for Ikaris, Sersi, Deathpool, Kestrel, Emma Frost, Silver Surfer, and more of your favorite characters.

Thank you again, Commanders, and we look forward to a fun end of 2022!

The First Panther Events

Commander's Cache

Commanders Cache Banner

Crack open a resource stockpile on November 14th at 1:00PM (PST) with the Commander's Cache Event. Running in parallel with the S.T.R.I.K.E. Salute Event, Commander's Cache will reward The First Panther progress along with resources to power up some of the War Dogs, including a shot at a 7-Red Star Black Panther (1MM). Here's how to open up this opportunity:

Commander's Cache Milestone

Battle in Alliance War, spend Gold, and spend Power Cores to earn points toward this 7-day Milestone that rewards:

  • The Ancient Claw Necklace
  • Vibranium Meteorites
  • T4 Ability Materials
  • Teal Mini-Uniques
  • 5-Red Star Okoye
  • Okoye character shards
  • Orange Catalyst Parts
  • And more!

Spend 1 Gold: 1pt

Spend 1 Power Core: 2,000 pts

War Battle: 100,000 pts

Commanders Cache Chart


Rack up points toward this leaderboard that'll reward Red Stars for Black Panther (1MM) to the top 1%. The top 10 will earn a 7-Red Star Black Panther (1MM)! Additional leaderboard rewards include the very rare and hard to obtain T2 Level 5 Ions and Armory 17 Orbs.

Commanders Cache Chart Leaderboard

Savage Superior (Uncanny X-Men)

Activate your mutant gene on November 18th at 1:00PM (PST) for Savage Superior, the next Quick Rumble, and the featured trait will be Uncanny X-Men. Along with Quick Rumble rewards, Savage Superior will reward Vibranium Meteorites, Blitz Credits, T1 and T2 Level 1 Ions, T1 and T2 Basic Iso-8 Orbs. Accelerate your progress through the milestones by winning with characters who possess the Uncanny X-Men trait at 3 Stars (500pts) or go even faster with those characters at 5 Stars (1,000pts) or 7 Stars (5,000pts).

Uncanny Quick Rumble Chart

Villains United Update

Activate your Roster's big bads, because the Villains United Hard Difficulty Missions are arriving on November 16th at 4:00PM (PST). Just like the Heroes Assemble Hard Difficulty, these new Missions won't have a story element. Players 75 and above can work their way through the Chapters 1 and 2 nodes to earn Teal gear and character shards for Sersi, Cloak, Kitty Pryde, Bishop, and Sharon Carter.

Character Availability

The case of the missing spider just got a big break. Starting on November 16th at 4:00PM (PST), scour the following locations to get your mitts on Spider-Man (Noir) character shards: Basic Orb, Ultimus Orb, Mega Orb, Premium Orb, and Supplies Store. To make room for this hard-boiled web-slinger, Colleen Wing will be removed from the Mega Orb.

Free Claim Friday


Celebrate the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever by heading over to the web today for a special Free Claim of Nakia character shards.

While this Free Claim will only be available for 24 hours (ending November 12th at 1:00PM PST), keep an eye out for Free Claims every day on the web!

Weekly Events

Psionic Assassin Blitz

  • Start Date: November 14th at 1:00PM (PST)
  • Rewards: Psylocke character shards

Like, Totally Jubilee Legendary Event

  • Start Date: November 15th at 1:00PM (PST)
  • Reward: Jubilee character shards
  • Requirements: 5 Pym Tech characters, who must be a minimum of 5 Stars to unlock Jubilee

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**

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