Something Sinister This Way Comes
November 8, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

This week we're splicing a new character into the mix that'll evolve rosters and change the DNA of battles. We're also bringing back an apex Legendary Event and showcasing Blitzes featuring rulers who live below sea level. Now, start working on your maniacal laugh, because we're visiting the lab of Dr. Nathanial Essex first.

Mister Sinister

Tap into your inner evil scientist with Mister Sinister, the new Support character for the Marauders. If you've ever looked at an opposing team and said, "I wish I had THAT character in this battle," you won't have to just wish anymore. In addition to sustaining allies with Regeneration, Ability Energy, and positive effects, Mister Sinister features a powerful new ability: Clone.

Mister Sinister can clone ANY opposing enemy and Clones have access to the original character's abilities. So if Mister Sinister clones Phoenix or Ultron, you'll have access to Dark Phoenix and the Ultron minions. But as any expert geneticist will tell you, clones are never 100% perfect copies, and as such, Mister Sinister's clones will not possess the same stats as the enemy target; Clone stats will scale with Mister Sinister's stats.

Here is Mister Sinister's full kit breakdown:

Traits: Villain, Global, Mutant, Support, Marauders

Basic - Psionic Beam

  • Attack the primary target for damage plus damage per non-Cloned MARAUDERS ally.
  • Gain an assist from a random Cloned ally.
  • Gain an assist from a random MARAUDERS ally.

Special - Gene Therapy

  • Energy Cost: 2/5
  • Clear Heal Block from the 2 most injured allies. 
  • Gain Offense Up.
  • Transfer all positive effects from an ally Mystique to this character. 
  • Spread all positive effects from this character to all MUTANT or Cloned allies.
  • Heal all allies for Health, plus a percent of this character's Max Health.
  • Heal all Clones for Health, plus a percent of this character's Max Health.

Ultimate - Clone

  • Energy Cost: 3/6 (see on spawn passive)
  • Summon a Clone of the primary target. This Clone scales with Mr Sinister's stats instead of the primary target.
  • Clone gains Defense Up for 2 turns.
  • On WAR DEFENSE, generate 2 Ability Energy for all MARAUDERS and Cloned allies.

Passive - Mutant Geneticist

  • On Spawn, generate 3 Ability Energy for this character if non-Cloned.
  • On turn, Heal for a percentage of Max Health plus a percent of Max Health per MARAUDERS ally. 
  • Apply Regeneration to the 2 most injured MUTANT allies.
  • On MARAUDERS ally's turn, if this character's Health is greater than 50%, redistribute 10% Health from this character to that ally.
  • Gain Focus. MARAUDERS allies gain Focus.
  • Gain Max Health.  MARAUDERS allies gain Max Health.
  • On WAR DEFENSE, MARAUDERS allies gain Max Health.

Bountiful Calendar

Don't miss a day next week, because a 24-karat calendar is coming your way. From November 11th until November 17th, log in each day and receive 300K in Gold! Finish off 2019 by boosting your roster with this one-week Gold rush.

Phoenix Rising

Blazing back for her fiery return is the Legendary Controller for the X-Men: Phoenix. To recruit this keystone mutant, you'll need a team of Villain, Mystic, Controller characters: Hand Assassin, Loki, Mordo, Nobu, and Ronan. There's no denying Phoenix's power; whether you're slotting her into the X-Men or a hybrid Arena team, Phoenix (and Dark Phoenix) can turn entire teams to ash. Don't miss your shot at adding her to your roster.

Upcoming Blitzes

Dive into Blitz this week and go deepsea character shard hunting for the Ruler of Atlantis: Namor. And if you just can't get enough of Hela during today's Blitz, you'll have another opportunity to recruit the Goddess of Death next week during her second stint in Blitz.

neighborhood Watch

Shore up your ranks in the city with the upcoming Neighborhood Watch event where all Campaign Nodes will reward 2x shards for all City Heroes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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