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December 3, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

This week's blog is crawling with so many new characters it'll make your Spidey-Sense tingle! And after we take a swing through the Spider-Verse, we've also got mayhem to cover, a returning Legend, weekly events to help you stock up on resources, and a standing ovation for one of S.T.R.I.K.E.'s top Commanders. Now, it's time to inject a little more radioactive spider blood into your roster...


Heading to a Raid lane near you is the Web-Warriors team, which is made up of newcomers Ghost-Spider, Scarlet Spider, and Spider-Punk, as well as current S.T.R.I.K.E. members Spider-Man and Spider-Man (Miles). This team of Spider-People are webbing together from different corners of the Spider-Verse and will specialize in Raids. Here's the lowdown on this radioactive new team.


In an alternate universe, the high schooler Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider, instead of Peter Parker. Like her counterpart, Gwen was gifted with the amazing powers of superhuman strength, durability, and reflexes, as well as wall-crawling abilities and a Spider-Sense that alerts her to danger. Influenced by her father's moral code, Gwen used her powers to protect her city and, after several nicknames, selected the name: Ghost-Spider. Gwen has not only fought crime solo in her dimension, but with her band of interdimensional Spider-People known as the Web-Warriors. With the Web-Warriors, Ghost-Spider has fought for the fate of the “web of reality” and the multiverse.

Ghost-Spider is a Controller with fantastic Focus, which allows her to reliably land negative effects. She specializes in creating openings for allies and punishing her foes by way of retaliating against enemies who attack her Web-Warriors allies. In Raids, Ghost-Spider grants Ability Energy, Speed Up, and additional Damage to Web-Warrior allies.

Beat enemies like a drum with Ghost-Spider:

Traits: Hero, City, Bio, Spider-Verse, Web-Warrior, Controller

Basic - Lithe Spider

  • Steal 1 Evade from primary target.
  • Attack primary target for 270% damage + gain Evade.
  • In RAIDS, if Spider-Man (Miles) is an ally, and if the primary target has Slow, apply Blind.
  • This attack cannot be dodged.

Special - Graceful Web

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack primary for 160% damage and +60% Crit Chance. On Crit, apply Ability Block.
  • Chain to 4-5 adjacent targets for 160% damage.
  • Apply Slow for 2 turns to each target
  • Apply Assist Now to 1 random Spider-Man (Miles) ally.

Ultimate - Web Snare

  • Energy Cost: 3/6
  • Attack all enemies for 330% damage.
  • Spread all negative effects from the primary target to all secondary targets.
  • This will not spread Stun, Ability Block, or Trauma.

Passive - Percussive Punishment

  • When an ally Spider-Man (Miles) drops below 50% Max Health, apply Stealth to them.
  • When an enemy attacks a WEB-WARRIOR ally, attack that enemy for 250% damage.
  • Gain +25% Dodge chance.
  • Gain +25% Damage.
  • In RAIDS, WEB-WARRIOR allies gain +25% Damage.
  • In RAIDS, On Spawn, apply Speed Up and Evade to self and all WEB-WARRIOR allies.
  • In RAIDS, On Spawn, if this character has 4 or more WEB-WARRIOR allies, generate 2 Ability Energy for 5 random WEB-WARRIOR allies or self that were not at full energy.

Scarlet Spider

When Super Villain the Jackal sought revenge on Spider-Man for the accidental death of Gwen Stacy, he obtained a sample of the wall-crawler's blood and attempted to create a clone. After multiple failed attempts, the Jackal successfully created a clone who possessed all of Spider-Man's abilities and Peter Parker's memories. The Jackal then pitted the clone and Spider-Man against each other in a deathtrap involving a bomb, but the scheme failed, and both survived the encounter. Having learned he wasn't the real Spider-Man/Peter Parker, the clone wandered the country for five years before eventually returning to New York City. He adopted the name of Ben Reilly -- the first and maiden name of Uncle Ben and Aunt May -- and returned to help fight crime. Donning an all-red costume with a blue sleeveless hoodie on top, Ben Reilly dubbed himself "The Scarlet Spider." 

Although Scarlet Spider is a clone and not the real Spider-Man, he's the real deal in battle and acts as the Web-Warriors' lynchpin. He's a Brawler with high Health, which he uses to heal the entire Web-Warrior team with his Passive ability, "No Responsibility." Along with team Healing, Scarlet Spider's kit brings plenty of damage to the arachnid table, as well as a degree of control. In Raids, he clears enemy positive effects, grants additional Crit Damage to Web-Warrior allies, and enjoys a special Synergy with Spider-Man in his Basic ability, Scarlet Devastation.

Duplicate success with Scarlet Spider:

Traits: Hero, City, Bio, Spider-Verse, Web-Warrior, Brawler

Basic - Scarlet Devastation

  • Attack primary target for 220% damage + apply Defense Down.
  • Chain to 2 adjacent targets for 180% damage + apply Defense Down.
  • Dodge Breaks this Chain.
  • In RAIDS, if Spider-Man is an ally, apply Offense Down and Slow to each target.

Special - Web Impact

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack primary for 200% damage + prolong the duration of 3 random negative effects, excluding Ability Block, Stun, and Trauma, by 2.
  • Chain to 3 adjacent targets for 200% damage + prolong the duration of 3 random negative effects, excluding Ability Block, Stun, and Trauma, by 2.
  • Counterattack breaks this chain.

Ultimate - Clone Crush

  • Energy Cost: 4/6
  • Attack primary target for 300% damage + apply Slow.
  • Attack all enemies for 300% damage + clear all positive effects on any target that has Slow.
  • In RAIDS, instead, clear all positive effects on each target.

Passive - No Responsibility 

  • In RAIDS, On Spawn, if this character has 4 or more WEB-WARRIOR allies, apply Offense Up for 2 turns + 2 Deathproof to self and all WEB-WARRIOR allies.
  • On Turn, 50% chance to apply Evade to 1 random, non-summoned, WEB-WARRIOR ally or self that does not have Evade. In RAIDS, instead, always apply Evade to 2 random, non-summoned, WEB-WARRIOR allies or self that do not have Evade.
  • On successful attack by this character or any WEB-WARRIOR ally, Heal self and all WEB-WARRIOR allies for 1% of this character's Max Health. In RAIDS, instead, Heal self and all WEB-WARRIOR allies for 3% of this character's Max Health.
  • Gain +30% Dodge chance.
  • Gain +30% Max Health. WEB-WARRIOR allies gain +30% Max Health.
  • Gain +50% Crit damage.
  • In RAIDS, WEB-WARRIOR allies gain +50% Crit damage.


In an alternate universe, a spider that was irradiated as part of President Norman Osborn’s toxic waste dumping bit a homeless teenager named Hobart Brown. Like Peter Parker, the bite endowed Hobart with superhuman powers, wall-crawling abilities, and a Spider-Sense. With his newfound powers, Hobart became the punk-rock inspired Spider-Man and led the oppressed people of New York in a revolt against Osborn and his troops. The clash culminated in President Osborn's defeat by Spider-Punk bashing him over the head with an electric guitar.

If you really want to rock your enemies, don't leave home without Spider-Punk, as he brings the Damage and is the powerhouse for the Web-Warriors. He specializes in cleaning enemy clocks and, in Raids, his ability to apply Trauma with his Ultimate ability makes him very effective with Ghost-Spider on his team. As an encore, all his other abilities are amped up when he has Web-Warrior allies, and when his Web-Warrior allies Dodge, he turns them up to 11 by giving them Offense Up.

Axe enemies with the Web-Warriors axman:

Traits: Hero, City, Bio, Spider-Verse, Web-Warrior, Brawler

Basic - Guitar Solo

  • Attack primary target for 200% damage.
  • If this character has any WEB-WARRIOR allies, Bonus attack for 300% damage.

Special - Mosh Pit

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack primary for 160% damage. Chain to 5 adjacent targets for 160% damage.
  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.
  • In RAIDS, instead, attack the primary target for 160% damage + 40% damage per WEB-WARRIOR ally. Chain to 5 adjacent targets for 160% damage + 40% damage per WEB-WARRIOR ally.
  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.

Ultimate - Amped Up

  • Energy Cost: 4/6
  • Attack all enemies for 250% damage + apply Heal Block for 2 turns.
  • Gain Evade.
  • In RAIDS, if Ghost-Spider is an ally, apply Trauma for 2 turns to all enemies.
  • This attack cannot miss.

Passive - Punk's Not Dead

  • On this character's or allied WEB-WARRIOR Dodge, apply Offense Up to that character.
  • On this character's or allied WEB-WARRIOR Crit, clear Heal Block on self or a random WEB-WARRIOR ally with Heal Block.
  • Gain +25% Dodge chance.
  • Gain +30% Crit Chance.
  • In RAIDS, WEB-WARRIOR allies gain +30% Crit Chance.

Spider-Man & Spider-Man (Miles)

Rounding out the radioactive team of Web-Warriors are reworks to Spider-Man and Spider-Man (Miles). We've updated their abilities to be more potent and include synergies and bonuses with the Web-Warriors team, as well as in Raids. Both characters also had their base stats increased; Spider-Man's stat increases start at level 71 and gradually ramp up through level 75.

Dark Dimension V

The newest realm in the Dark Dimension has only been open for a short period of time, but it already has its first conqueror. Put your (virtual) hands together and congratulate the winner of the Dark Dimension V First Finisher Contest:

Tadano Mac JAPAN!

This is the second time Tadano Mac Japan has won the Dark Dimension First Finisher Contest, making the feat even more impressive. As we mentioned in a previous blog, we'll be throwing a party for the entire community to celebrate the accomplishment. Be on the lookout for rewards and events for the entire community in the near future, including character shards, Community Poll Blitzes, Bonus Events, and special 10-for-10 offers. Congratulations again to Tadano Mac JAPAN!

Mojo's Mayhem

Calling all fans of Ratings and prizes: Mojo is set to start blasting the signal for the upcoming season of Mojo's Mayhem on December 3rd at 4:00PM (PST). The featured rewards for rumbling in Real-Time Arena during the forthcoming season will be Teal Gear (instead of character shards), and Purple Phase Bits, which you can use to purchase Taskmaster's "Red Room" Costume. The mayhem starts soon, so don't touch that dial!

Availability Update

Speaking of costumes, if you want to get your hands on Phoenix's "Endsong" Costume make sure you spend your Pink Flash Bits in the Costume Store as soon as possible, because they'll be converted to Costume Credits on December 10th at 4:00PM (PST) at a conversion rate of 60%.

Repeating Legendary Event

The next repeating Legendary Event to reappear is "Now You See Me," featuring Invisible Woman. The event starts on December 6th at 4:00PM (PST) and to add this Fantastic Four Protector to your roster, you'll need a Sinister Six team at a minimum of 5 Stars. Be on the lookout for an upcoming inbox with 3 shards for up to 7 of the required characters, as well as the Double Trouble Bonus Event to help bolster your Sinister Six characters.

Upcoming Blitzes

Recruit the services of two powerful hunters with these upcoming Blitzes. Loading into the chamber on December 6th at 4:00PM (PST) is the Monster Hunter Blitz, where you can blast through enemy teams on your way to Elsa Bloodstone character shards. Then on December 9th at 4:00PM (PST), whistle while you work through enemy teams in the Centaurian Hunter Blitz, featuring shards for your favorite space pirate: Yondu.

Bonus & Flash Events

Prep for the Legendary Invisible Woman's next appearance with the upcoming Double Trouble Bonus Event. Don't miss your chance on December 5th at 4:00PM (PST) to earn double shard payouts for Sinister Six characters from Campaign nodes. Filter your roster by Sinister Six to see the eligible characters and their locations.

Then on December 10th at 4:00PM (PST) the Chaos Theory Flash Event returns with your chance to send your Wakandan team into battle and return with tons of Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. Prep for this battle on December 9th at 4:00PM (PST) with the Wakanda Nation Bonus Event, which rewards 2x shards for Wakandans from Campaign nodes. Filter your roster by Wakandan to see who's eligible and where to get their shards.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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