X-Sneak Peek Week: Day 4
December 4, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Send your gaze skyward today, as the Blackbird is arriving with a pyrotechnic display to celebrate X-Sneak Peek Week's final tease. And after lighting up your imagination, we've got a new chapter in the war against Doctor Doom, a returning Legendary Event, sharp Blitzes, and a calendar to help put your enemies on ice. Now, put your shades on and rekindle your love for the 90s, because Jubilee is here for her preview.


Make every battle a celebration with the next Legendary character, Jubilee! Jubilation Lee -- a.k.a "Jubilee" -- is a Mutant born with the ability to generate brightly colored bursts of plasma energy. The energy obeys Jubilee's mental commands and explodes with her desired intensity, which ranges from mere blinding light to massive concussive forces that can turn a tree into toothpicks.

For the Astonishing X-Men team, Jubilee commands a robust arsenal of powers capable of detonating enemy teams, but today we'll highlight her Special ability. What's sure to be the grand finale for many enemies, Jubilee's Special ability attacks the primary target and then calls all of her Astonishing X-Men allies to attack. If she eliminates her target, Jubilee then spreads the multiple negative effects from the target to all her enemies.

Oh, and you may want to know more about the synergy with Kitty Pryde that we eluded to yesterday. Well here’s a part of Kitty Pryde’s passive ability, "Untouchable," that you didn’t see:

  • “If Jubilee is an ally, on enemy miss or ASTONISHING X-MEN dodge, Heal the most injured ASTONISHING X-MEN ally for 10% of this character's Max Health.”

Jubilee will be arriving after the aforementioned Iceman and Kitty Pryde in a subsequent release, early next year. But she’ll be making an explosive entrance in 2021 with backup from another unexpected ally. No hints this time, but we’ll enjoy listening to the inevitable speculations. 

Doom War: Chapter 3

The stakes for Nexus Earth have never been higher in the upcoming Doom War: Chapter 3! Join S.T.R.I.K.E.'s all-out assault on Doom and his forces with elite teams for the following missions - and this time, retreat is not an option:

Missions 1-3: No trait requirements

Missions 4-6: Avengers or Fantastic Four

Missions 7-9: Hero Tech or Hero Supernatural

The spoils of war this time around include orange “mini-unique” gear pieces for gear tier 14, and character shards for Graviton and Taskmaster. Here’s where you’ll find their shards:

Graviton: Doom 3-6

Taskmaster: Doom 3-9

Start gearing up now and don't miss this epic adventure!

December Calendars

A rewards blizzard is heading your way with two special calendars during December. The Snowball Calendar is rolling your way this month where you can shovel up Snow Globe and Gold Orbs. And going on now is the month-long December calendar where you can bury your roster in an avalanche of Cyclops character shards, along with other rewards to heat up your roster. If you're looking to unlock Cyclops, don't miss a day starting December 15 12:00AM Local Time, as that'll ensure you claim the required shards to unlock the leader of the Uncanny X-Men.

Returning Legendary Event

The Black Order's black-tongued Legendary character, Ebony Maw, is coming back for his sinister return in the Black and Ebony event! To recruit Thanos's right-hand man, assemble a team consisting of Black Bolt and four other Inhumans. A complete Black Order team grants Thanos all six Infinity Stones and empowers Thanos with battle-changing new abilities, so don't miss this chance to bolster your Black Order team.

Upcoming Blitzes

Next week there's going to be magic and pests in the air, so keep your book of spells and flyswatter handy. The Sorcerer Supreme Blitz is up first where you can conjure Doctor Strange character shards, no matter how proficient you are in the mystic arts. And after you've fortified S.T.R.I.K.E.'s occult physician, the first run of the Sharp Sting Blitz is flying your way, featuring character shards for Yellowjacket. Pollinate your roster with this Blaster's shards and ready your Pym Tech team for the Dark Dimension.

Bonus & Flash Events

It's time to take the gloves off your Hand team! Relic Hunt is on the way with a chance to earn Advanced Basic Catalysts by sending your Hand team into battle. And to prepare for this lucrative hand-to-hand combat, be sure to check out the Need a Hand? Event, which features double shard payouts for Hand characters in Campaign nodes.

Please note that we're currently experiencing technical issues with the Bonus Indicator displaying on the Roster/Character screens. This will be corrected in a future version update, but in the meantime, head to the following nodes for 2x Hand character shards:

Hand Sentry: Mystic 1-6

Elektra: Villains 1-3

Hand Sorceress: Heroes 2-9 & Nexus 3-3

Hand Blademaster: Villains 3-6

Nobu: Villains 6-3

Hand Assassin: Nexus 7-6

That's all the explosive content we could pack into this blog!

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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