Favor of the Gods
December 6, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

The year may be ending soon, but the fight against Ultimus rages on this week. December begins with an Event Campaign sponsored by Asgard, a telekinetic Blitz, a cool calendar, and a fantastic Legendary Event. First up, we're journeying across the Bifrost once again and joining Heimdall on a secret mission.

Favor of the Gods

Your first chance to recruit one of the newest Asgardians is coming up with the Favor of the Gods Event Campaign. Join Heimdall and his fellow Asgardians on their mission to stop a corrupted Hela and her undead army from overwhelming Nexus Earth. You'll need a top squad with the limited-time "Galactic Warrior" trait, so use the Roster filter to see who needs to be geared up and leveled up for this important mission.

And don't forget: Asgardians are the required team to recruit Black Bolt at 5-stars, the newest Legendary character, so start preparing now.

Winter Login Calendar

A winter storm is dropping a flurry of character shards and Gold this month. Earn at least 1 Snow Globe Orb per day for 22 days in December when you log in. Each orb guarantees 3-5 character shards for select marquee characters and 60K in Gold, so don't miss a day!

upcoming Blitzes

Arriving in Blitz this week is the Chaos Bringer himself: Stryfe. If you're building a Marauders team, don't miss out on adding their Protector to your roster. Stryfe can steal and gain stacks of Taunt, fortifies with Deflect, and hits enemies with an AoE Ability Block Ultimate attack. And working a shift in Blitz after Stryfe is Night Nurse. Recruit and rank up this City Support Specialist to add sustain to your Raid team.

Invisible Woman & The Sinister Six

Keep your eyes open, because the Invisible Woman's Legendary Event, "Now You See Me," is reappearing soon. You'll need a 5-star team of Sinister Six members for a chance to recruit the Legendary light bender for the Fantastic Four. To help prepare for her arrival, the Bonus Event, “Double Trouble,” where Campaign nodes will reward 2x character shards for Sinister Six members, will also be coming soon.

There won’t be an episode of Strike Time this week, but we’re hard at work on another that will come later in December.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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