Leap into the Microverse
February 14, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

In honor of the 2020 leap year and the additional day in February, this week is all about new additions -- new additions heading to the Brotherhood of Mutants, Campaigns, and the Dark Dimension. First up, we're breaking down the abilities of a certain amphibious Mutant.


The Brotherhood has long been a formidable foe in Arena and other modes, but recently two of their members -- Mystique and Sabretooth -- took their talents to the Marauders. Toad is the first new member to step into the team and he'll be followed a little later by Blob. Mortimer "Toad" Toynbee is a mutant with superhuman legs, giving him the ability to leap long distances. He also possesses a prehensile tongue that excretes a toxic adhesive that he spits at enemies. As a member of the Brotherhood, Toad is a slippery Controller who lashes enemies with negative effects, clears their positive effects, and teams up with Blob for heavy synergy attacks.

Lick the competition with Toad:

Traits: Villain, Global, Mutant, Controller, Brotherhood

Basic - Tongue Lash

  • Attack the primary target for damage
  • Apply Offense Down for 1 turn and Slow for 2 turns

Special - Acid Spray

Energy Cost: 2/4

  • Attack the primary and all adjacent targets for damage
  • Each target has all negative effects prolonged by a duration of 1

Ultimate - Leap Frog

Energy Cost: 4/4

  • Clear all negative effects from self
  • Apply Taunt and Defense Up to allied Blob
  • Attack the primary target for damage and clear 2 positive effects 
  • Chain to 4-5 adjacent targets for damage and clear 2 positive effects on each target Counterattack breaks this Chain
  • If Blob is an ally:
  • Attack the primary and secondary targets for increased damage instead.
  • This attack cannot be dodged or counterattacked

Passive - Amphibian Anatomy

  • Gain Dodge Chance
  • On Spawn, increase Speed Bar. Fill Speed Bar per BROTHERHOOD ally
  • Chance to gain Assist Now on each BROTHERHOOD ally's turn
  • On Turn, if any BROTHERHOOD ally is Taunting, gain +1 Offense Up, up to a maximum of 3
  • In WAR
  • Gain Focus
  • BROTHERHOOD allies gain Focus

Heroes Chapter 7

With all the goings on in MARVEL Strike Force, let's not lose sight of the fact that the fate of the world is at stake; the fight against Ultimus rages on in the newest Campaign: Heroes Chapter 7! Join Mister Fantastic and Nick Fury in their upcoming adventure to secure S.T.R.I.K.E. bases on Earth. Commanders level 70 and above will need to assemble the following teams for these missions:

Missions 1-3: City Heroes

Missions 4-6: Global Heroes

Missions 7-9: Cosmic Heroes

We recommend the following team stats for these Missions: Level 75, 6 Gold Stars, 4 Red Stars, Gear Tier 12, Ability levels 6/6/6/4, Stark Tech 20%

Dark Dimension III

A new Dark Dimension realm is opening up and will be the most formidable MARVEL Strike Force challenge to date. To enter, your characters will need to be Gear Tier 14. There are 16 total missions and there are trait restrictions starting on the 5th mission. Here are the required traits in order: Global, Cosmic, and City.

The road through Dark Dimension III will be intense, but great rewards await those that overcome these relentless trials. For a full list of rewards, check out the in-game inbox message.

Leap into the Microverse

Celebrate February's extra day with extra rewards in an extra special edition of the Ant-Man and Wasp team up event - back by popular demand. We'll also have an Ant-Man and Wasp 2x character shard event and tech gear offers, in addition to reducing Wasp's character unlock requirement from 3-Stars to 2-Star. This day only comes around once every 4 years, so don't miss it.

Cupid's Battlefield Blitzes

Be a lover and a fighter in this week's Cupid's Battlefield Blitzes. Win Blitz battles and hit milestones to earn Ruby Heart Orb Fragments, in addition earning character shards for the featured characters: Spider-Man (Miles) and Rescue.

Neighborhood Watch

Shore up your City ranks with this 2x City Hero Event where you can earn double the City Hero shards in their respective Campaign nodes.

Heroes Campaign Classification

We want to relay our intentions with how we’re introducing the rewards currently previewed in Nexus 8 & 9 through other campaigns instead. 


With the new Heroes 7 Campaign, the mission nodes there will contain the rewards currently previewed for Nexus 8, and with additional orange gear drops.


Following in March will be the new Villains 7 Campaign and the mission nodes there will contain the rewards currently previewed for Nexus 9, again with additional orange gear drops.

The character shards featured in the previous Nexus chapters will also be updated as a part of these changes. As an example: Daredevil is currently shown as being in Nexus 8 & 9 but in Heroes 7 the characters featured there will be Black Widow and Colossus.


Nexus 8 is currently scheduled for later in 2020, likely in April, and will likely have different rewards as the currently previewed items will have already been released. Because of this we will be removing these cards in the near future to avoid confusion.


We will keep you informed of when the forthcoming campaigns will be released as we are able to lock in the dates. 

Red Star Update

In last week’s dev blog, we mentioned that the team was looking to improve Red Stars by adjusting the power disparity in the system and giving players greater agency over which characters they choose to promote. We originally said we’d share these plans on February 21, but we’re ready to announce the specifics now.

Our main area of concern with Red Stars is the significant difference in stat bonuses between 4 Red Stars (+20%) and 7 Red Stars (+75%). As it exists today, the power curve between 4-7 is too steep.

To that point, the first change we plan to make to the Red Star system will be to address this disparity in power. The current stat bonuses Red Stars grant are:

  • 1 Red Star = 2%
  • 2 Red Star = 5%
  • 3 Red Star = 10%
  • 4 Red Star = 20%
  • 5 Red Star = 35%
  • 6 Red Star = 50%
  • 7 Red Star = 75%

We will be adjusting the power curve of Red Stars with new percentages. These numbers

are not final, but in the spirit of transparency, we want to share the values that we are currently testing: 

  • 1 Red Star = 5%
  • 2 Red Star = 10%
  • 3 Red Star = 20%
  • 4 Red Star = 35%
  • 5 Red Star = 50%
  • 6 Red Star = 60%
  • 7 Red Star = 75%

These numbers will require significant testing time and are subject to change before release. We are sharing them with you now to give you insight into the direction we’d like to push the Red Star experience towards. If these adjustments stick, the team feels they would create a healthier relationship between the power of a 4 Red Star and that of a 7 Red Star in Arena and War, while still keeping higher Red Stars rewarding. And importantly, this proposed change won’t remove any power from investments already made into the system. We will also adjust mission content currently using Red Stars on enemy characters, to ensure they won’t become more difficult than intended.

To add more dependable progression to the Red Star System, the second change we plan to implement is to release Red Star Promotion Credits at an increased rate. The primary means to earn Gold and Silver Promotion Credits will be through a new Flash Event (like Payday) that we’ll introduce to the regular rotation. 

We believe when these changes arrive, they will improve two key areas of concern with Red Stars: the lack of any agency and the power disparity between 4 and 7 stars. To be clear, we’re not finished here -- this doesn’t mark the end of changes to the Red Star system. We have other proposals that are still in the early planning stages, but it will take time for us to fully test them and understand their impact on the economy of the game. It’s too early to talk about these other changes today, but as soon as we gain confidence they will improve the system in the way we intend them to, we’ll let you know.

The first instance of this Flash event, which will require Wakandans; the proposed changes to the power curve; and the additional suite of updates still being proposed internally will all be coming by the end of April.

We understand many of these changes were overdue and we will make every effort to ensure we don’t lose sight of future improvements. The Marvel Strike Force dev team wants to thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to an amazing journey into 2020 and beyond together. Thank you.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!