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Greetings Commanders,

Break out the balloons, streamers, and cake, because this week we're revealing the details around our third anniversary celebration. But make sure you save some extra cake, because X-Factor's newest member is stopping by and let's just say he's bringing some surprise guests. After that, we have exciting news about our new recurring Legendary Event schedule, an X-Men member on the move, and events featuring our heavy-hitting ladies. Up first, prepare for a party that the entire galaxy will be talking about…

Stellar Celebration

Silver Surfer will be joining S.T.R.I.K.E. soon, and though you can't recruit him just yet, to help prepare for his arrival he's throwing an event of cosmic proportions: Stellar Celebration! Celebrate 3 years of MARVEL Strike Force fun with events that'll cause a big bang.

Solar, Galactic, Celestial Orbs

Make your roster go supernova with the limited-time Cosmic Essence currency and the Solar, Galactic, and Celestial Orbs. Earn Cosmic Essence via Blitz battles, Campaign nodes, and select Daily Objectives, then use this special currency to open the event orbs in the Supplies Store for Orange, Purple, and Blue gear rewards.

Dark Matter Milestone

Blast off by opening Solar, Galactic, and Celestial Orbs to earn characters shards, gear, Gold, Training Modules, and other resources.

Universal Truth Milestone

Turn your war efforts into milestone rocket fuel by spending War Credits and Elite War Credits to hit milestones to earn Cosmic Essence.

Anniversary Calendar

Log in every day for 14 days to earn Cosmic Essence, Gold Silver Promotion Credits, Superior Basic Catalyst Parts, Legacy Orbs, and more.

Bonus Events Coming During the Event

Train & Gain - 2x Training Modules from Campaign nodes

Gear Explosion - 3x Origin Gear from Campaign nodes

Geology Bounty - 2x Iso-8 Crystals from Campaign nodes

Energy Overload - When refreshing your Campaign Energy, earn 2x the amount

Multiple Man

Protect your X-Factor team with a one-man army: Multiple Man! Jamie Madrox is a Mutant with the ability to create perfect duplicates of himself (referred to as a "Dupe") when he’s physically impacted - a unique power that led to him being dubbed "Multiple Man." The duplication process includes any clothing he's wearing, and the greater the kinetic impact, the greater the number of duplicates produced. Multiple Man can communicate telepathically with his Dupes and reabsorb them, which integrates the memories, experiences, and skills gained by the Dupe.

As a member of the X-Factor team, Multiple Man is a unique Protector with high Health and Resistance. He uses Dupes to protect himself and his allies, instead of using a classic Taunt. Multiple Man's Dupes heal Multiple Man when they die, as well as steal positive effects from enemies and then spread them to Multiple Man. And because Taunt gets applied to the Dupes, Multiple Man gains an advantage against characters who specialize in breaking down a single Protector. Multiple Man works best when paired with Polaris and the rest of X-Factor as Multiple Man's Special ability clears negative effects from himself if Polaris is an ally and his Passive ability increases Resistance for all X-Factor allies.

Find strength in numbers with Multiple Man:

Traits:  Hero, City, Mutant, Protector, X-Factor

Basic - One-Two Punch

  • Attack primary target for 320% damage.

  • This attack gains +10% damage per Dupe ally.

Special - Helping Hand

  • Energy Cost: 3/3

  • Summon 2 Dupes.

  • Remove all negative effects from all Dupe allies.

  • Apply Taunt + Deathproof to all Dupe allies.

  • If Polaris is an ally, clear all negative effects from self.

  • Gain Immunity for 1 turn.

Ultimate - One Man Army

  • Energy Cost: 6/8

  • Summon 9 Dupes.

  • Apply Offense Up for 2 turns and 2 Counter to all X-Factor and Dupe allies.

  • Fill Speed Bar by 30% for all Dupe allies.

Passive - Madrox Prime

  • When an enemy attacks Multiple Man, summon 1 Dupe.

  • On death of an ally Dupe, Heal for 5% of this character's Max Health.

  • On War Offense:

    • Summon an additional Dupe when Multiple Man is attacked.

    • On Spawn, summon 2 Dupes.

    • Gain +30% Resistance.

    • Non-Summon X-Factor allies gain +30% Resistance.


Traits: Hero, City, Mutant, Protector, X-Factor

Basic - All for One

  • Attack primary target for 320% damage + copy and clear 1 positive effect, excluding Regeneration.

  • Spread all positive effects, excluding Taunt and Regeneration, to Multiple Man.

  • Gain +75% Extra Focus for this attack

  • This attack cannot Crit.

Passive - One for All

  • On Spawn, apply Counter to the Multiple Man that summoned this Dupe.

  • Gain +25% Focus.


Legendary Event Rotation

After three years of protecting Nexus Earth, S.T.R.I.K.E. features an impressive list of Legendary characters. At this point, we’re going to start running older Legendary Events more often as an added bonus for increased accessibility. This means that there could be more than one Legendary Event running simultaneously, and that they can recur more often. 

The Bonus Events that grant 2x shards for required characters on Campaign nodes will still run for these Legendary Events. However, instead of the daily login calendar (7 days) that you would normally see at the start of a legendary event, you'll receive an inbox message with the character shards required for the Legendary Event (5 characters, 3 shards each). We’re doing this to minimize calendar clutter when multiple Legendary Events are running and make the process more automated. 

We will keep you informed of when future Legendary Events move into this increased recurring pattern, and thus when the character shards move from the daily login calendar to being delivered instead through Inbox messages.

Invisible Woman will kick things off soon with "Now You See Me." More Legends will be added soon, so be on the lookout for future additions.

Returning Legendary Event

Break out your boombox and mix tape, because Star-Lord's Legendary Event, "Space Ace," is on the way! You'll need a team of Guardians and/or Ravagers at a minimum of 5-Stars for a chance to add this Legendary leader with mesmerizing dance moves to your roster, so start preparing now.

Nexus Campaign Addition

Oh my stars and garters, the Astonishing X-Men's Support specialist is on the move! You'll soon be able to find Beast in Nexus 5-6, so be sure to head there to get your fill on his character shards. Beast will replace Green Goblin, but if you're looking for shards for this mad pumpkin bomber, you can still find them in Villains 2-3.

Upcoming Blitzes

Terrorize foes in battle with upcoming Blitzes that feature characters that really pack a punch. Part of our Women's History Month celebration the Star Power Blitz is up first, where you can grab America Chavez character shards. And then immediately up next is the winner of our Dark Dimension IV City Blitz Community Poll, Scream, in the Locks of Terror Blitz. 

Bonus & Flash Events

Rack up character shards and line your pockets with Gold with these upcoming Bonus and Flash Events. For our Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Part of our Women's History Month celebration, power up your roster with the upcoming War Bird event where you can earn double Captain Marvel character shards in Heroes 6-9.

Prepare for the Invisible Woman Legendary Event with Double Trouble, where character shard rewards will be doubled for Sinister Six characters.

Neighborhood Watch is also on the horizon, which rewards 2x City Hero shards in Campaign nodes and preps you for Block Party.

And for all you bullion buffs out there, the Payday Event is coming back for its monthly appearance where you can earn piles of Gold. Be sure to bolster your team of mercs with the upcoming Merc Mayhem Event, where you can double your shard progress with double shard rewards for Mercenaries.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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