Protectors Assemble!
March 6, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

S.T.R.I.K.E.'s finest Protectors are flexing their talents in this week's events. Two burly heavyweights are heading to Blitz, a godly presence is descending into the Store, and we'll reveal the next Legendary Event (no, really, we swear we won't forget this week). Let's get started!

Now You See Me

Fantastic news: Invisible Woman will be the next returning Legendary Event! To recruit the Fantastic Four's Protector, you'll need a top team of Sinister Six members. The Fantastic Four are a versatile powerhouse and capable of challenging top teams like the Asgardians, so don't miss out on their keystone member's Legendary Event.

War Store

Sif, the Asgardian Protector, has taken up residency in the War Store. Fortify your gods of Alliance War by recruiting and ranking up their resilient Shield Maiden.

Spider-Man (Symbiote) Milestones

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (Symbiote) is swinging out of the Recurring Milestones soon, so be sure to web up as many of his shards as you can. And if you don't recruit Spider-Man (Symbiote) this time around, don't worry: he'll be returning to the Recurring Milestones in the near future -- so pay attention to your Spidey-Sense (and your Inbox).

Upcoming Blitzes

Use your fast reflexes to make sure this week's Blitzes don't go over your head. Charging into Blitz first is the Guardian's Protector, Drax. And next up is your first attempt to recruit Blob, one of the Brotherhood's newest additions. Recruit and rank up this double-XL mutant and combine him with his buddy Toad for powerful synergies.

Relic Hunt & Need a Hand?

We mentioned last week that the Hand 2x Event was around the corner. Well, we've rounded that corner and the Need a Hand Event arrives this week. Grab 2x Hand shards from Campaign nodes for a limited time. And once you've got your Hand team in tip-top shape, let them loose in the Relic Hunt flash event where you can earn Advanced Basic Catalysts.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!