The Hidden Assassin
April 10, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Thanos gains access to another Infinity Stone this week with the introduction of his next Black Order general. We also have a gifted Bonus Event, otherworldly Blitzes, and friendly-neighborhood milestones swinging back your way. Get your tribute to Thanos ready because Corvus Glaive is here to collect.

Corvus Glaive

None shall hide from the will of Thanos, and the newest member of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive, has arrived to conquer enemies in his name. Corvus Glaive is one of Thanos’s deadly generals and the husband of Proxima Midnight. In addition to being a master tactician and possessing superhuman abilities, he wields a glaive in battle capable of slicing through atoms and inflicting wounds upon the most durable fighters.

As a member of the Black Order team, Corvus Glaive is an elusive Brawler who gains Assists from an allied Proxima Midnight on his Basic attacks, gains Stealth when he or an enemy hits low Health, ignores Taunt and Stealth on his Special attack, and grants Thanos the Mind Stone, which gives Thanos Offense Up for two turns.

Strike from the shadows with Corvus Glaive:

Traits: Villain, Cosmic, Skill, Brawler, Black Order

Basic - Shadow Slash

  • Attack the primary target for Piercing damage and clear 2 positive effects.

  • Gain an Assist from an ally Proxima Midnight.

  • This attack cannot be blocked. If Proxima Midnight is an ally, this attack cannot be dodged.

Special - Crippling Blows

  • Energy Cost: 3/5

  • Attack the most injured enemy for Piercing damage, ignoring Taunt and Stealth.

Ultimate - Grim Glaive

  • Energy Cost: 5/5

  • Attack primary target for Piercing damage.

  • During Stealth, this ability deals double damage against the primary target if they have Defense Up.

  • Attack all adjacent targets for Piercing.

Passive - Loyal Lieutenant

  • On Spawn, gain Offense Up for 2 turns.

  • On ally Thanos turn, if he doesn't have the Mind Stone, grant him the Mind Stone and Offense Up for 2 turns. This character can only do this once per match.

  • When an enemy or this character drops below 50% Health, gain +1 Stealth up to a max of 2.

  • While in Stealth, gain Crit Chance and Crit Damage.

  • Gain Damage. Black Order and Thanos allies gain Damage.

Spider-Man (Symbiote) Recurring Milestones

Your favorite corrupted wall-crawler is returning to the recurring milestones! Starting 4/15 PDT, bond with Spider-Man (Symbiote) character shards by engaging in battles, using Campaign Energy, and spending Gold.

Upcoming Blitzes

Praise Odin because Sif is heading to Blitz! Chosen by the Community in our recent Dark Dimension III Cosmic poll, grab as many character shards as you can during the Shield Maiden Blitz. This iteration of Shield Maiden Blitz also has a new limited-time event reward structure featuring Red Stars for Sif.

Revving his engines in Blitz next is Ghost Rider. Recruit and rank up the Brimstone Brawler and add heat to your Supernatural team.

Bonus Events

Prepare for Magneto's "Asteroid M" Legendary event with the "Gifted Gathering" event, where you can earn 2x character shard rewards for X-Men and Brotherhood characters in mission nodes. Also on the way is the "Need a Hand?" event. Boost your Hand team with 2x character shard rewards for Campaign nodes that feature Hand characters.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commander!

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