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Greetings Commanders,

We're rolling out the red carpet this week for the premiere of our new Red Star Flash Event that's accompanying the recent Red Star rework. We've also got a slew of Blitzes for anyone looking to add gear to their squads or an Infinity Stone to Thanos's Infinity Gauntlet. Let's dive in!

Chaos Theory

The debut of our newest Flash Event, Chaos Theory, is here! Assemble your Wakandan team and lead them through tiers to earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. You'll need at least 4 Wakandans to enter tiers 1-3 and the Star requirement increases by one for each tier. For tiers 4-7, a complete 5-Wakandan team is required. Here's a breakdown of the rewards you can earn:

Tier 1

1 Silver Promotion Credit per victory

First Time Only: 10 Silver Promotion Credits

Tier 2

2 Silver Promotion Credits per victory

First Time Only: 20 Silver Promotion Credits

Tier 3

3 Silver Promotion Credits per victory

First Time only: 20 Silver Promotion Credits

Tier 4

5 Silver and 1 Gold Promotion Credits per victory

First Time Only: 20 Silver and 10 Gold Promotion Credits

Tier 5

9 Silver and 2 Gold Promotion Credits per victory

First Time Only: 25 Silver and 20 Gold Promotion Credits

Tier 6

12 Silver and 4 Gold Promotion Credits per victory

First Time Only: 30 Silver and 30 Gold Promotion Credits

Tier 7

18 Silver and 7 Gold Promotion Credits per victory

First Time Only: 75 Silver and 40 Gold Promotion Credits


Arena Store Addition

The Arena Store is getting a taste of the elements with its newest addition: Crystal! Be sure to grab her character shards and take your Inhuman team to the next level with this royal Blaster.

Backstab Blitz

The quest to build Thanos's deadly Black Order team continues this week with Backstab Blitz featuring Corvus Glaive. A complete Black Order team grants Thanos all six Infinity Stones and empowers Thanos with new abilities. Blitz your way to character shards for the Black Order's stealthy Brawler and build the next inevitable dominant force.

One-Hour Cooldown Blitzes

This week, we have four separate Blitzes that each feature one-hour cooldowns, meaning you won't have to utilize Blitz Charges as often. The first two Blitzes will reward gear -- first Orange and then Purple the next day. Closing out the one-hour cooldown Blitzes will be a second running of the Red Star Rampage Blitz (level 42 and above) and Blue Gear. Be sure to get your share of gear and Red Stars during these cool Blitzes.

Now Live: Nature's Gifts

Don't forget that "Nature's Gifts," our Earth Day event, is going on now for Commanders level 50 and above. For a limited-time, Alliance Donations earn additional rewards. Earn Silver Promotion Credits and increased Gold when your Alliance reaches reward boxes three to five. Working your way through all five boxes each day with your Alliance can earn 217 Silver Promotion Credits which is enough to upgrade to a 5-Red Star character of your choice.

Bonus Events

Prepare your Wakandans for Chaos Theory with the upcoming Wakanda Nation Bonus Event. Earn double character shard rewards in all Campaign nodes featuring Wakandans for a limited time.

And if you're looking to make noise in Black Bolt's upcoming Legendary Event, Unite the Kingdoms, you'll need a fully fortified squad of 5-star Asgardians. Skip crossing the Rainbow Bridge into Asgard in favor of heading to Campaign nodes for the 4 Asgard Bonus Event where Asgardian character shards rewards will be doubled.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commander!

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