Dark Dimension Intel
April 3, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

This week we're looking to our Dark Dimension III victor, 只野マックJAPAN (Tadano Mac JAPAN), for roster inspiration as we prepare for three special Blitzes that'll reward key Dark Dimension III character shards and Red Stars for that character. We're also gearing up for our next returning Legendary Event and new achievement tiers. Let's get started!

Dark Dimension III Community Blitzes

Shine a light of hope in Dormammu's domain with intel from its lone victor. Tadano Mac JAPAN utilized key characters to conquer each of the Dark Dimension III trait-restricted sections (Global, Cosmic, City), and to help other commanders replicate his success, our upcoming Blitzes will feature characters he used. 

Chosen by the Community, the first Dark Dimension Blitz features Scientist Supreme. Don't miss your chance to rank up A.I.M.'s Support specialist and fortify your Global forces for their dangerous mission. The following week's DD3 Blitz features Sif, the Cosmic Protector. Not only will the Asgardian shield maiden help you slay the darkness, but she's a vital member of a successful Helicarrier War defense team.

The Facebook poll for the third Dark Dimension Blitz starts soon so be on the lookout for your chance to vote on the City character featured in Blitz: Iron Fist or Ms. Marvel.

We'll have a non-Dark Dimension Blitz this week as well. Directly following Scientist Supreme's Blitz is your chance to recruit and rank up another community-selected character: Hydra's sharpshooting minion, Hydra Sniper.

New Achievement Tiers

More rewards and opportunities to grow your roster are coming to the Achievements in the form of new achievement tiers. Your favorite green Avenger that loves to SMASH is sitting out the new rewards in favor of other resources. Here are the new tiers and rewards:

Rank Up Achievement

  • Added achievements beyond Rank Up Characters 725 times

  • Rewards for ranking up characters beyond 725 times have changed from Hulk shards and Gold to Gold Orb Fragments and Campaign Energy

Login Achievement

  • Added achievements beyond Login 720 Days

  • Rewards for logging in beyond 720 days have changed from Hulk shards and Gold to Red Star Orb Fragments and Power Cores

Character Origin Collection Achievements

  • Added additional achievements for recruiting characters of all origins: Mutant, Skill, Mystic, Bio, and Tech

  • The newly added achievements will reward Gold Orb Fragments and Power Cores

  • Mutant: Collect beyond 20 Character

  • Skill: Collect beyond 28 Characters

  • Mystic: Collect beyond 28 Characters

  • Bio: Collect beyond 40 Characters

  • Tech: Collect beyond 40 Characters

Asteroid M

Magneto's Legendary Event, Asteroid M, is hurtling back toward MARVEL Strike Force! Assemble your top squad of 5-star X-Men and/or Brotherhood members for a shot at recruiting and ranking up the Master of Magnetism.

Block Party & Neighborhood Watch

The party is returning to the big city! Block Party is on the way, which means it's time to assemble your top City Hero team and fight for ability materials. Get ready for the party with the Neighborhood Watch Flash Event where you'll have the chance to get 2x City Hero character shards in Campaign nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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