Wings and Weapons
April 9, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Put your Hydra experts on high alert, because this week we're outlining an event to halt the infamous group's aspirations of multidimensional evil. And after you find out how to save the world, we've got legendary news for several Legendary Events, dastardly Blitzes, and a golden opportunity for your mercs. Now, it's time to earn your wings on an adventure with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes…

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Arm your roster with sky high rewards with the Falcon and Winter Soldier event. Join Falcon, Winter Soldier, and their team as they try to stop Red Skull from creating a multidimensional Hydra army. 

Event Campaign Energy

Use Heroic Duo Energy to participate in the Mini-Event Campaign to earn gear, ability materials, and more. Heroic Duo Energy refreshes 1 energy every 48 minutes and the cost to refresh starts at 250 Power Cores. You can earn more energy through the Honor the Shield milestone.

Mini-Event Campaign Requirements:

- Falcon, Winter Soldier, Captain America, and Baron Zemo

- Mission 1: Characters at a minimum of Level 50

- Mission 2: Characters at a minimum of Level 65

- Mission 3: Characters at a minimum of Level 75

Recommended stats for each character:

- Mission 1: 5-Stars, 2 Red Stars, Gear Tier 9, ability levels 4/4/4/3

- Mission 2: 6-Stars, 3 Red Stars, Stark Tech-10, Gear Tier 12, Iso-8 Tier 3, ability levels 6/6/6/4

- Mission 3: 7-Stars, 4 Red Stars, Stark Tech-15, Gear Tier 14, Iso-8 Tier 4, ability levels 6/6/7/4

Honor the Shield Milestone

Hit 2-day milestones to earn Heroic Duo Energy and Catalyst Parts. Earn the most milestone points by using the Mini-Event Campaign characters in Blitz and Alliance War, or by participating in Raids with any characters. 

Also earn more bonus points in Blitz and War if the event characters are gear tier 13 and above, 5-Stars and above.

The mission starts soon, so put the finishing touches on the required characters!

Legendary Events

Returning Legendary Event

If you're a fan of Mutant telepaths rising from their own ashes, you're in luck because returning April 19 is Phoenix and her Legendary Event, Phoenix Rising. To recruit the Uncanny X-Men's infamous Controller, you'll need a team of Villain, Mystic, Controller characters at 6-Stars: Hela, Loki, Hand Assassin, Mordo, Nobu, Ronan, and Doctor Doom.

Permanent Soon

Part of our ongoing effort to improve access to new Legendary Events, Shuri's "Princess and the Symbiote" event will be indefinitely available in the Events Section starting April 12. She'll remain a 5-Star unlock and Commanders Level 35 and above will have access to the event. Be sure to take advantage of Shuri's availability.

And to help you prepare for Shuri's Legendary Event, we've made the following Campaign node update: Spider-Man (Miles) will replace Captain America in Heroes 3-3. If you're looking for Captain America shards you can still find them in Nexus 1-3. 


Joining Invisible Woman in the repeating Legendary Event rotation is Magneto's "Asteroid M" on April 26. You'll now have a chance to recruit the Master of Magnetism, and appearing prior to the event will be the Gifted Gathering Bonus Event. The login calendar leading up to the event will no longer appear, but you'll receive 3 shards for up to 7 of the required characters in the inbox announcing the start of the event.

Upcoming Blitzes

Bolster two characters who personify the capabilities of scientific villainy with this week's Blitzes. Nebula enters the spotlight first on April 12 with the Sadistic Sister Blitz where you don't need to be a cyborg to cut through enemies and earn tons of Nebula character shards. And then on April 16, release a hearty maniacal laugh while earning Mister Sinister shards during the House of Essex Blitz.

Bonus & Flash Events

Calling all soldiers of fortune: your monthly 24 karat quest is quickly approaching. Payday is back on April 16, which means it's time to send your Mercenary team into battle to haul back a Gold bounty. And to get you ready for this Gold rush, bolster your Mercenary team with the Merc Mayhem Bonus Event, which rewards 2x Mercenary shard payouts for Campaign nodes. Filter your roster using the trait Mercenary to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

*Dates are for 5pm PDT and are subject to change

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