The Master Mercenary
May 1, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Start fine-tuning your fighting skills because this week we’re giving you a first look at an upcoming game mode that’ll put your skills to the test like never before. Accompanying this reveal is a merciless new Mercenary, a Legendary Event courtesy of Wakanda, and a Blitz for your favorite mouthy merc. Now, get ready to rumble...

VS Battle

Flex your roster and your skills by testing your might in real-time fights with VS Battle! Challenge your friends and Alliance members in this exciting new way to play that pits your roster against theirs. Square off against another player in a strategic roster draft and then engage in a real-time battle.

We’ll have more information in the coming weeks, but for a sneak peek of VS Battle gameplay in action, check out this video (available in English only), courtesy of Valleyflyin:


Your soldiers of fortune are about to hit the biggest score of their lives because Taskmaster, the Master Mercenary, has arrived to lead them into battle. Tony Masters -- a.k.a. "Taskmaster" -- was born with the ability to perfectly mimic the movements of others after brief observation. Taskmaster has copied the fighting styles of numerous heroes and used his elite fighting skills to wreak havoc and train the henchmen of premiere villainous organizations. As you’ll see in his abilities, Taskmaster has copied the fighting styles of some of S.T.R.I.K.E.’s greatest fighters.

Taskmaster joins the Mercenary team as a Controller who steals enemy positive effects, applies Bleed and Stun, and overwhelms foes with Mercenary assists. Taskmaster also transforms the Mercenary team into Alliance War defensive specialists with additional synergies and a relentless Passive ability that applies Taunt to the enemy with the highest Damage each turn.

Behold the ultimate merc:

Traits: Villain, Global, Skill, Controller, Mercenary

Basic - Imitating Strike

  • Attack primary target for damage

  • Steal 3 positive effects

Special - Adaptive Assault

Energy Cost: 3/5

  • Attack primary target for damage and apply Stun.

  • Rebound chain to 3 additional targets for damage and apply Offense Down; Counterattack breaks this chain.

Ultimate - Incendiary Arrow

Energy Cost: 6/6

  • Attack all enemies for damage. Apply Blind to primary target and 3 secondary targets. Apply Bleed for 2 turns to all enemies. This attack is unavoidable.

  • Bonus attack all targets with Bleed for Piercing

Passive - Copycat Criminal

  • On Spawn, gain Offense Up for 2 turns

  • Gain Assist Now on each MERCENARY VILLAIN ally's turn.

  • Gain Block Chance

  • Gain Block Amount

  • Gain Counterattack per MERCENARY ally.

  • Gain Damage per SKILL enemy.

  • Gain Damage. MERCENARY VILLAIN allies gain Damage.


    • On Spawn, fill Speed Bar of self and all MERCENARY VILLAIN allies per MERCENARY ally.

    • On turn, apply Taunt to the enemy with the highest Damage

      • This is unavoidable

      • Gain extra Focus for this

    • Assist allies on non-attack abilities

Accompanying Taskmaster’s arrival are updates to his fellow Mercenaries. We’ll have a complete breakdown of their upgrades in the upcoming 4.0.0 Release Notes.

Master Class

One of your first chances at recruiting Taskmaster will be via his upcoming Event Campaign, Master Class. Go on a secret S.T.R.I.K.E. mission to discover the whereabouts of Taskmaster after he’s gone missing. You’ll need a team with the limited-time “Covert” trait for this mission, which you can filter via your roster.

Each node in the Master Class Event Campaign will reward Master Class Orb Fragments that contain select characters with the limited-time “Covert” trait, which excludes Legendary characters, Agent Coulson, Minn-Erva, Yo-Yo, and Red Skull.

Princess and the Symbiote

Stock up on Vibranium because Wakanda’s Legendary member is returning for her Legendary Event: Princess and the Symbiote. You’ll need a 5-star Spider-Verse team for a shot at recruiting this Support specialist. Shuri anchors the Wakandan team by fueling Wakandan allies with Defense Up, Ability Energy, and Charges, while also revitalizing them with powerful Heals.

Upcoming Blitzes

It’s time for maximum effort! Deadpool is back with his Merc with a Mouth Blitz. Bust through enemies (and the fourth wall) on your way toward Deadpool character shards. And up next is Corvus Glaive’s second Blitz stint in the Backstab Blitz. You’ll need this stealthy Brawler to complete the Black Order team, who grant Thanos all six Infinity Stones and Empower Thanos with new abilities.

Bonus Events

If you’re looking for more character shards, look no further than this week’s Bonus Events. Up first is the Need a Hand Bonus Event, which rewards double character shards for Hand characters in their respective Campaign nodes. On deck after is the Tangled Web Bonus Event, which rewards 2x Spider-Verse character shards in Campaign nodes.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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