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Greetings Commanders,

Go back in time without the help of a time machine or all those pesky paradoxes this week with an event to help your costume collection. But this blog isn't about style over substance, because we've also got a new monthly event to help stock up on Training Modules, a new repeating Legendary Event, a Hero you can hire via Blitz, and weekly events to bolster your roster. Slip into something comfortable for crime-fighting, because this next section will earn you style points...

Timeless Looks

Add a blast from the past to your S.T.R.I.K.E. wardrobe with the upcoming Timeless Looks Event. This costume-centered event consists of the Form and Function Milestone and Dress to Impress Bonus Event. The main reward for Timeless Looks will be Pink Flash Bits, which you can redeem to acquire your choice of three costumes. We recommend building up your costume collection using Bits like the ones featured in this event, so be sure to rack them up.

Form and Function Milestone

Starting on May 17th, engage in Arena, Alliance War, and Raid battles with any character to earn points toward a 7-day milestone with rewards that include:

- Pink Flash Bits

- Catalyst Parts

- Orange gear

- Armory 14 & 15 Orbs

Dress to Impress Bonus Event

Starting at the conclusion of the Form and Function Milestone, this Bonus Event rewards Pink Flash Bits in Campaign nodes for 24-hours. Pink Flash Bits earned from the Timeless Looks event can be used to purchase your choice of three limited-time costumes:

- Scarlet Witch’s "WandaVision (50s)" Costume

- Vision’s "WandaVision (50s)" Costume

- Thor’s "Siege" Costume

Unused Bits will be converted to Costume Credits on June 7, 5:00PM (PDT) only a couple of days after the event ends, at a rate of 60%, so don't miss this opportunity to grab new garb for these iconic characters.

Back to Bootcamp

As S.T.R.I.K.E.'s roster has grown in size, so has the need to train characters for battle. To help get more Training Modules in your pocket, we've added a new monthly Flash Event that will kickoff in the near future: Back to Bootcamp. Lead your top Skill Military team through a series of missions to earn tons of Training Modules during this 24-hour event. Here are the requirements and recommendations for each of the missions:

Missions 1

Required: At least 4 Skill Military characters at 2 Stars

Recommended: Gear Tier 4, Ability Levels 2/2/2/1

Missions 2

Required: At least 4 Skill Military characters at 2 Stars

Recommended: Gear Tier 5, Ability Levels 3/3/3/2

Mission 3

Required: At least 4 Skill Military characters at 3 Stars

Recommended: Gear Tier 7, Ability Levels 4/4/4/3

Mission 4

Required: At least 4 Skill Military characters at 4 Stars

Recommended: Gear Tier 9, Ability Levels 4/4/4/3

Mission 5

Required: At least 5 Skill Military characters at 5 Stars & Iso-8 Green 1

Recommended: Gear Tier 10, Ability Levels 6/5/5/4

Mission 6

Required: At least 5 Skill Military characters at 6 Stars & Iso-8 Green 2

Recommended: Gear Tier 12, Ability Levels 7/7/7/4, 6 Stars

Mission 7

Required: At least 5 Skill Military characters at 7 Stars & Iso-8 Green 3

Recommended: Gear Tier 14, Ability Levels 7/7/7/5, 1 Red Star

Repeating Legendary Character

Move over, Magneto and Invisible Woman, because there's a new Legendary character joining the repeating Legendary Event schedule. Starting on May 24th, Star-Lord's "Space Ace" Legendary Event will become a repeating Legendary event, meaning that it will run more often. You'll still need a team of Guardians and/or Ravagers at a minimum of 5-Stars to unlock this Cosmic Controller with the sick dance moves. Instead of seeing a login calendar leading up to the event, you'll receive 3 shards for up to 7 of the required characters in the inbox announcing the start of the event to help prepare for the event. Also be on the lookout for the "Going Knowhere" Bonus Event to help bolster your Guardians and Ravagers.

Upcoming Blitzes

Add science and a samurai to your arsenal with this week's Blitzes. Bubbling to the surface on May 17th is the Experimental Blitz, where you can concoct character shards for Scientist Supreme by mixing equal parts victory and dominance in battle. Experimental Blitz is part of our Made in the Lab Event, which means Blitz wins will also reward fragments for the A.I.M. Orb, which contains A.I.M. character shards in the center pillar, and Gold and gear in the side pillars.

Immediately up next on May 20th is the first run of the Dragon Daughter Blitz, featuring Colleen Wing. There's no fancy science stuff here; cut down enemies in exchange for Colleen Wing shards and start powering up your Heroes for Hire War Defense team.

Bonus & Flash Events

We've got a jam-packed schedule in the coming week to help increase your shards for several big-name teams, as well as an opportunity to earn Ability Materials. For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

On May 15th, prep for the upcoming Black and Ebony Legendary event by dousing your Inhumans in character shards during the Terrigen Store Bonus Event.

Then the Made in the Lab fun continues on May 16th with the Bad Science Bonus Event, where you can make your A.I.M team come alive with double shard payouts in Campaign nodes.

Get ready for Back to Bootcamp on May 18th with the new Double Time Bonus Event, which rewards 2x character shard payouts for your Skill Military team.

Then on May 22nd, party in the name of Ability Materials with the Block Party Flash Event, which rewards your City Heroes for their efforts in battle with tons of Ability Materials. Make sure your City Heroes are ready to rumble with the Neighborhood Watch Event on May 20.

Until next time… 

Good luck, Commanders!

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