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Greetings Commanders,

To X a Thief

052022 Fantomexecm

Channel your inner cat burglar on May 27th at 5:00PM (PDT) with the upcoming Fantomex Event Campaign, "To X a Thief." When the dashing mutant thief Fantomex senses something is off with a job, he brings his purloined goods to the X-Men to get their help to find out who set him up. This event will once again feature the new Heroic Difficulty, which will require at least five characters with the limited-time "Debonair" trait. The Heroic Difficulty will reward Teal gear and completing a Heroic Difficulty mission will automatically earn First Time Rewards for both the Hard and Heroic Difficulties. Don't miss your chance to score Fantomex shards and recruit this International Mutant Man of Mystery to your roster.

052022 Fantomex Completion Rewards

A-Force of Nature Events


052022 A Is For Allies

The second run of A is for Allies is set to begin on May 21st at 5:00PM (PDT), where you'll have another shot at earning A-Force Emblems, T2 Level 1 Ions, and T1 Ions. Identical to the first run, spend Iso-8 Campaign Energy alongside your Alliance members to earn points toward a 7-day milestone.

052022 A Is For Allies Rewards

Sister Grimm

052022 Nico Header

Make room for another powerful witch on your Roster because the Sister Grimm event arrives on May 24th at 5:00PM (PDT) with your chance to recruit Nico Minoru. The main Milestone is Sister Grimm, where you’ll earn additional points for it by participating in the Enchanted Bloodlines and Runaway Spell milestones (see below).

Along with the A-Force's blood sorceress, you can also collect A-Force of Nature progress and other great rewards.

Sister Grimm Milestone

052022 Nico Milestone 1

Whip up roster magic by earning points toward this 7-day milestone by:

Battling in Alliance War

  • With A-Force - 120 PTS 
  • All other characters - 90 PTS
  • A-Force equipped with GT 13 - 140 PTS
  • A-Force equipped with GT 14 - 170 PTS
  • A-Force equipped with GT 15 - 220 PTS
  • A-Force equipped with GT 16 - 300 PTS

Winning in Raids

  • With X-Men - 50 PTS
  • All other characters - 40 PTS
  • X-Men equipped with GT 13 - 70 PTS
  • X-Men equipped with GT 14 - 100 PTS
  • X-Men equipped with GT 15 - 150 PTS
  • X-Men equipped with GT 16 - 250 PTS

The above Gear Tier points are additive, so you'll receive those points on top of points received for a Raid Win/Alliance War attack and for previous Gear Tiers.

Milestone rewards include Nico Minoru character shards and Unique gear pieces, A-Force Bio Origin gear, Catalyst Parts, Elite 5 Red Credits, and a 5-Red Star Captain Marvel.

052022 Nico Milestone 1 Rewards

Enchanted Bloodlines Milestone

052022 Nico Milestone 2

Battle your way to points during a 48-hour Blitz, which repeats two additional times (6 days in total), to earn Jessica Jones shards, Sister Grimm Milestone points, Armory 16 Orb fragments, gear, and Elite 4 Orb Fragments.

Here's the points breakdown:

  • Win Blitz - 60 PTS
  • Win Blitz Sim - 40 PTS
  • Win with Young Avengers in Blitz - 10 PTS
  • Young Avengers equipped with GT 13 - 20 PTS
  • Young Avengers equipped with GT 14 - 40 PTS
  • Young Avengers equipped with GT 15 - 60 PTS
  • Young Avengers equipped with GT 16 - 90 PTS

As with the Sister Grimm event, the above Gear Tier points are additive.

052022 Nico Milestone 2 Rewards

Runaway Spell Milestone

052022 Nico Milestone 3

Also running for 7 days is the Runaway Spell milestone, where you’ll spend Campaign Energy  to hit milestones that reward Jessica Jones shards, Sister Grimm Milestone points, Purple Gear Bio Orb fragments, and Armory 16 Orb fragments. Earn 1 PT per Campaign Energy spent.

052022 Nico Milestone 3 Rewards

Sister Grimm Calendar

Be on the lookout for a login calendar during the Sister Grimm Event that'll reward additional Sister Grimm Milestone points. You definitely don't want to miss even a single day during Sister Grimm.

052022 Nico Calendar

Bonus Events

Appearing on various days throughout Sister Grimm to aid your progress will be the following Bonus Events:

XP Throttle - 2x Commander XP in all Campaign and Iso-8 Campaign nodes

Raid Frenzy - 20% cost reduction for using Raid Energy, Heals, and Revives in Raids

Gear Explosion - 3x drop quantities for select Improved, Advanced, and Superior Origin Gear from Campaign nodes

S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass: Season 16

The next Season of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass is kicking off on May 24th at 5:00PM (PDT) and you don't want to miss the magical rewards. The character shards up for grabs are Doctor Strange (Heartless), Wong, Mordo, and others. The Season 16 Premium path will feature Baron Mordo's "Multiverse of Madness" Costume! You'll receive the number of Bits required to purchase the costume on Milestone 3. 

The Premium rewards for the Beginner rewards (player level 10-49) and Intermediate rewards (player level 50-69) will be updated, including Gold Orb Fragments, Training Orb Fragments, Ability Materials, Catalyst Parts, and Raid Orb Fragments.

Character Availability

Add more power to Shang-Chi starting on May 24th at 5:00PM (PDT) with his new home to the Blitz Supplies. Purchase his character shards for 500 Blitz Credits and give this hired hero a little extra oomph on his punches and kicks.

Legendary Event Updates

Two more Legends are adding a new chapter to their epic tale starting on May 23rd at 5:00PM (PDT) with updates to their Legendary Events. The first update is just what the doctor ordered: Surgical S.T.R.I.K.E., Doctor Octopus's Legendary Event, will become indefinitely available via the Events section for all players Commander Level 25 and higher. Accompanying this update will be a reduction in Doctor Octopus's Star unlock from 5 Stars to 4 Stars.

Entering the Repeating Legendary Event rotation will be Ebony Maw's "Black and Ebony" Legendary Event. The preparatory Bonus Event, Terrigen Storm, will continue appearing prior to "Black and Ebony." Like other repeating Legendary events, instead of a daily login calendar you'll receive shards for the required characters in an inbox message announcing the start of the event.

Rogue Ability Correction

Last week's blog contained a couple of errors with Rogue's ability text. We incorrectly stated that Rogue's Special Ability, "Gloves Off," has an Energy Cost of 2/2. The actual Energy Cost is 6/6. Her Special Ability was also missing the final line stating, "This attack is Unavoidable and cannot be Blocked."

Alternate Blitz Character View

The dev team is continuing on-going efforts to improve game stability across the board and part of that includes auditing key systems. This week, the alternate screen to view Blitz characters as 3D models was disabled, as it has been identified as a contributor to instability with the Blitz game mode. As the alternate screen provides no tactical advantage, it is indefinitely disabled.

More Gold in Campaign Nodes

Very soon we’re increasing the Gold rewards in select Campaign chapters to match the rewards given out by the missions in Doom Chapter 4.

  • Heroes Chapter 7
  • Villains Chapter 7
  • Nexus Chapter 8
  • Doom Chapter 1
  • Select missions in Doom Chapter 2

Please enjoy the additional Gold and improve your roster!

Missing Blitz Rewards

Some of the weekly rewards associated with a second character-themed Blitz per week (the old schedule) were added to the new Quick Rumble Blitz.

Weekly Events

Back to Bootcamp Flash Event

Start Date: May 20th at 5:00PM (PDT)

Reward: Training Modules

Required Trait: Skill, Military

Mutant Queen Blitz

Start Date: May 22nd at 5:00PM (PDT)

Reward: Polaris character shards

Black and Ebony Legendary Event

Start Date: May 23rd at 5:00PM (PDT)

Reward: Ebony Maw character shards

Required characters: Black Bolt and 4 Inhuman characters at a minimum of 5 Stars to unlock Ebony Maw.

Quick Rumble Blitz - Wave I - Avenger

Start Date: May 26th at 5:00PM (PDT)

Featured Trait: Wave I - Avenger

Rewards: A-Force Emblems, Blitz Credits, T1 and T2 L1 Ions, T1 and T2 Basic Iso-8 Orbs.

Chaos Theory

Start Date: May 26th at 5:00PM (PDT)

Rewards: Silver and Gold Promotion Credits

Required character: Wakandan

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**

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