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Cosmic Crucible

The Living Tribunal's judgment is nearly at hand (literally)! The Pre-Season debut of Cosmic Crucible starts on May 11th at 12:00PM (PDT) and will allow you to get acquainted with the new game mode.

After the Pre-Season starts, the first 48 hours are reserved for assigning teams to defend your Stages (Rooms). The first Trial (Round) starts on May 13th at 12:00PM (PDT).

050622 Cosmic Crucible 001

Brackets & Seasons

This is a Swiss-Style Tournament, where you'll be matched against a different Player each Trial. Tournaments are part of a Season, and each one will have different room rules and distinct rewards.

Commanders Level 60+ will be grouped into 8-person brackets based on their Tribunal Rating, pre-seeded based on their TCP. We are calling the first season of Cosmic Crucible the “Pre-Season,” as a chance to work out the kinks prior to the start of Season 1 that will start a few months later.

050622 Cosmic Crucible 002


Similar to Alliance War, players will defend six Stages, each of which grants bonuses or restrictions to characters. Additionally, each season will have Global Rules that grant certain bonuses to all rooms.

050622 Cosmic Crucible 003


Each Tournament consists of 3 Trials. Each Trial lasts 24 hours during which you’ll attack the six defenses of your opponent and each enemy character eliminated is a "K.O." You'll have a limited number of attacks for each room, so plan your strategy accordingly before jumping into battle.

Players win Trials by defeating more rooms than their opponent. To enforce this, we use a system called Victory Points. Victory Points prioritize Stage Clears first, the least amount of Offensive Attempts second, and Turn Bonus + Healthy Characters + K.O.s last. If there's a tie in Victory Points, the player with the highest TCP wins.

050622 Cosmic Crucible 004


Rewards will be granted based on your Division - the higher your placement, the better the rewards including tons of Teal Gear each Season. Advance to the next Division by achieving high rankings in Tournaments, which increase your Tribunal Rating.

Each K.O. in a match will net Crucible Credits, which can be spent in the Crucible Store on items including Teal, Orange, and Purple gear pieces. Players earn additional Crucible Credits and Elite Crucible Credits from their placement at the end of each Tournament and again at the end of the Season.

050622 Cosmic Crucible 005

Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of this momentous game mode, the road to the Pre-Season will be full of rewards to prepare you for combat. In a limited-time login calendar, you’ll get some Cosmic Crucible Credits and Elite Cosmic Crucible Credits to spend in the new Cosmic Crucible Store. You’ll also get character shards for the newly re-worked Wakandans and valuable gear. You’ll also see some Cosmic Crucible Credits sprinkled throughout a milestone event, as a limited-time reward to help gear-up your characters. Then it will be time for you to go and earn those coveted Cosmic Crucible Credits the old fashioned way - through intense and exciting combat within the game mode itself.

050622 Cosmic Crucible 006

Streamlining Raid Content

With the release of Cosmic Crucible, we know that players will be excited to spend time strategizing and executing their tactics to rack up Victory Points. To ensure you have the time to focus on Cosmic Crucible, the dev team has been working on several methods to streamline experiences elsewhere.

Coming in the subsequent release of Version 6.2, players will be able to cut a significant amount of manual input currently required in several of the Raids. We will have more details to share as we get closer to that release, and this is a first step in several actions we plan to take this year to streamline existing content.

Tier 2 Level 4 Iso-8

Ready for the next level? Tier 2 Level 4 Ions are incoming, so get ready to fuse the necessary Iso-8 Crystals to upgrade to T2 Level 4 Iso-8. Characters equipped with a Level 4 Class will see a 10% boost to Armor, Focus, Health, and Resistance, making for a powerful upgrade to your roster.

Your first opportunity to earn these coveted new Ions will be with the upcoming Victory Blueprint Event (info in next section). There will also be a limited number of Offers in the Store to help get you started.

This is just a taste of what’s to come. Information about where you can get more T2 Level 4 Ions on a recurring basis will be announced closer to the release of Version 6.2 in a couple of months.

A-Force of Nature Events

Stock up on valuable resources while earning progress toward Spider-Woman milestone rewards with these upcoming A-Force of Nature Events:

A is for Allies

050622 A Is For Allies 001

Teamwork makes the dream work on May 7th at 5:00PM (PST) in the A is for Allies Event. Team up with your Alliance mates by spending Iso-8 Campaign Energy to earn points toward a 7-Day Alliance Milestone that rewards A-Force Emblems, T2 Level 1 Ions, and T1 Ions.

Victory Blueprint

050622 Blueprint 001

This is a double whammy with rewards that'll give you progress toward the A-Force of Nature milestone and give you the new T2 Level 4 Ions. You DEFINITELY don't want to miss this event, which gets underway on May 11th at 5:00PM (PDT).


Earn points toward this 7-day Milestone by spending Campaign Energy (excluding Iso-8 Campaign Energy), earning War Credits, and by spending War Energy Refills. 


Milestone rewards include A-Force Emblems and special token item Jessica Jones' Jacket to score big points in the A-Force of Nature Milestone. Earn Cosmic Crucible Credits for the upcoming Cosmic Crucible Store and the new T2 Level 4 Ions! It gets even better with fragments for the forthcoming Legacy III Orb, Green Ions, and Legacy I & II Orbs.

You’ll definitely want to go full-throttle for this event to ensure that you earn enough T2 Level 4 Ions to take one character to Class Level 4. For the most dedicated of players, you’ll earn enough Ions to improve a second character about halfway to Class Level 4.

Quick Rumble Blitz - Military

Need more ways to collect those A-Force Emblems? Well, you’re in luck! Another Quick Rumble  heading your way next week on May 12th at 5:00PM (PST) is the Military Quick Rumble Blitz. For 48 hours, win Blitz battles to earn Ability Materials and A-Force Emblems for the A-Force of Nature Event. You'll earn significantly more points by winning Blitz battles with Military characters at 5 Stars and above.

Legendary Event Updates

Magneto's Legendary Event, "Asteroid M," is hurtling toward Nexus Earth once again, but this time the Master of Magnetism is getting captured in Earth's gravitational pull. Starting May 9th at 5:00PM (PST), the Asteroid M Legendary Event will become indefinitely available via the Events section for all players Commander Level 25 and higher. 

Also getting an availability update is Black Bolt's, "Unite the Kingdoms," Legendary Event. This event will enter the Repeating rotation. Starting the same day as Asteroid M, the King of Attilan will make an appearance approximately every six to seven weeks (subject to change). The preparatory Bonus Event, 4 Asgard, will continue appearing prior to "Unite the Kingdoms." Like other repeating Legendary events, instead of a login calendar you'll receive shards for the required characters in an inbox message announcing the start of the event.

The Next Horseman: Famine

Even the strongest vegetation withers in the presence of Apocalypse's second Horseman: Famine. Similar to Morgan Le Fay, this next Legendary Horseman will have their own Scourge Event and Famine will unlock at 3 Stars. This time, there will be three trait options for Nodes 5 and 10 on Difficulties 5 and above: A-Force, Young Avengers, and Inhumans.

Who is Famine? That enigma has yet to be deciphered, so make sure you check back each week for more information as to who might be the next vessel of Apocalypse’s cavalry. 

Weekly Events

For all Bonus Events, filter your roster using the featured trait to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

Cold As Ice Blitz

Start Date: May 8th at 5:00PM (PST)

Reward: Iceman character shards

Unite the Kingdoms Repeating Legendary Event

Start Date: May 9th at 5:00PM (PST)

Reward: Black Bolt character shards

Requirements: 5 Asgardian characters at a minimum of 5 Stars to unlock Black Bolt

How to Prepare: 4 Asgard Bonus Event

Payday Flash Event

Start Date: May 13th at 5:00PM (PST)

Reward: Gold

Required Characters: Mercenary

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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