The Black Order Axeman
May 8, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

The axeman cometh for all those who oppose Thanos, as this week we’re introducing the Black Order’s towering Protector. But the fun doesn’t stop with this big brute because we’re also giving you the inside scoop on VS Battle with tips and tricks to take into battle, upcoming Blitzes, and a merc Bonus Event. But first, put your roster on alert because it’s time to fight!

Now Live: VS Battle!

Now’s your chance to square off against another player in a strategic roster draft and then engage in a real-time battle. We hope you’ve dipped your toe into this new game mode, but if you haven’t, here’s how to jump in: Open your Alliance or Contacts list in Chat, tap a player's name, and then tap the VS Battle button. And to reward you for checking out this new feature, you’ll unlock three Achievements with corresponding rewards. Play up to 5 battles to earn up to 18 Red Star Orbs.

We can’t wait to see the strategies that evolve, but if you’re looking for an edge during these early days, here are some tips to help you claim victory:

  • Utilize the VS Battle "Favorites" feature located underneath each character. This moves a character to the top of your roster during the draft for quick reference.

  • During the draft, look above the roster to see whose turn it is and what action is required.

  • Watch the timer during the draft! You have a limited amount of time to make your selection.

  • Your most powerful characters may get banned or rejected, so build squads that don't rely on one character.

  • Powerful characters can win a battle, but you’ll need a diverse roster to strategize counters to your opponent’s roster.

  • Knowing that a player gets to ban one of your choices: try baiting your opponent by selecting a powerful character, knowing that it will get banned. Then use your 6th pick on the character you wanted in that slot.

  • Characters with lower Power can counter characters with higher power if their abilities make the enemy characters less effective. For example, if an enemy character grants Stealth, a good pick would be a character that removes/ignores Stealth even if it has slightly lower Power.

And to make sure you never run out of friends to battle, here's a refresher on how to add friends to your Contacts List:

  1. Tap the chat button in the lower left hand corner of the screen

  2. Tap "Contact"

  3. Tap "Find Player"

  4. Input your new friend's Player ID number (PID), which is located in their Player Profile screen.

  5. Wait for them to accept (friendship is a two-way street).

Cull Obsidian

To get to Thanos, you’ll have to go through Cull Obsidian, the Black Order’s bedrock member. Cull is one of Thanos's most powerful generals and the brother of Corvus Glaive. He is impossibly strong, is shielded by indestructible skin, and has nearly unlimited stamina. In battle, the towering servant of the Mad Titan wields a battleaxe that's nearly as big as Cull himself.

On the Black Order team, Cull Obsidian grants Thanos the Power Stone and Defense Up on Spawn. He fortifies his team during battle with a 2-turn Taunt, levels enemies with an Ultimate Attack powered with stacks of Deathproof, and attacks back when Thanos or Ebony Maw are attacked.

Backstop the Black Order with Cull Obsidian:

Traits: Villain, Cosmic, Bio, Protector, Black Order

Basic - Devastating Cleave

  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for damage.

Special - Obsidian Guard

  • Energy Cost: 5/5

  • Clear 2 negative effects from self. If Ebony Maw is an ally, clear all negative effects instead.  

  • Gain Taunt for 2 Turns, Defense Up for 2 turns, and Deathproof.

  • Heal for a percent of this character's Max Health.

Ultimate - Culling the Weak

  • Energy Cost: 5/5

  • Attack primary target for damage and additional damage per Deathproof on self.

  • Transfer all positive effects on the primary target to self.

Passive - Payback

  • On Spawn, gain Defense Up for 2 turns.

  • On ally Thanos’ turn, if he doesn't have the Power Stone, grant him the Power Stone and Defense Up for 2 turns. This character can only do this once per match.

  • When an enemy attacks an ally Thanos or Ebony Maw, attack that enemy for damage.

  • When this character has Regeneration, gain Resistance.

  • Gain additional Max Health. Black Order and Thanos allies gain additional Max Health.

Gold Calendar

While you’re all doing your part to stay safe and help your community, please enjoy this Gold calendar to help improve your roster. Starting May 10 at 12:00AM (local time), don’t miss a day for 7 days and collect a total of 2M in Gold. Stay safe, everyone!

Upcoming Blitzes

As voted by the community, the Air Support Blitz featuring S.H.I.E.L.D. Assault will be the first Blitz on deck this week. Blitz your way past enemies to earn character shards for Nick Fury’s high-flying cannon. And up next is Thor in the God of Thunder Blitz, where you can smite foes in the name of Thor shards.

Bonus Events

Prepare for the arrival of Taskmaster by recruiting and ranking up his Mercenary teammates during the Merc Mayhem Bonus Event.  For a limited time, earn double character shard payouts in Campaign nodes featuring Mercenaries.

And after you’ve fortified your Mercenaries, send them into battle in the upcoming Payday Event that begins May 15 at 5PM (PDT). Don’t miss this chance to stockpile even more Gold in addition to the Gold from the above Gold calendar.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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