Who's On the Move
June 11, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

The curtain's rising soon on the next season of Mojo's Mayhem and this week we're revealing the character in the shard spotlight. But the Mojoverse gladiator ring isn't the only event on the horizon, because we've also got opportunities to ready your roster for Adam Warlock's arrival, multiple men (and a Symbiote) on the move, star-studded Blitzes, and bonus events to boost two mighty teams. First, let's turn the dial to the Real-Time Arena channel..

Mojo's Mayhem

Your next opportunity to rumble in Real-Time Arena for fabulous prizes is right around the corner with Season 7 of Mojo's Mayhem. The fun kicks off on June 11th and features character shards for Kitty Pryde, the Astonishing X-Men's untouchable Protector, along with various pieces of Superior Gear, Promotion Credits, Power Cores, and more. Mark your calendars and prepare to reap the rewards of a ratings star!

Character Location Updates

On June 15th, don't miss these new character shard location updates to help shore up your Mercenary team, bolster your Symbiote team, and prepare for the Adam Warlock Legendary Event. Here's who's pulling up stakes:

Multiple Man: Doom 3-9, replacing Taskmaster

Taskmaster: Cosmic 2-6, replacing Kree Reaper

Shatterstar: Replacing Scream as the Arena Store exclusive at 10% drop rate

Scream: Arena Store for 975 Arena Credits

If you're looking for Kree Reaper, you can still find her shards in Heroes 4-6.

Bit Conversion

The All-New Shade of Ice event may be over, but Iceman's All-New X-Men Costume is still purchasable in the Store for a limited-time. Purple Flash Bits will be converted to Costume Credits on June 13th, so head to the Costume Store before then if you want to give enemies the chills with Iceman's Astonishing look.

Repeating Legendary Event

On deck for the next repeating Legendary event is "Now You See Me," featuring Invisible Woman on June 21st. To add this Fantastic Four Protector to your roster, you'll need a Sinister Six team at a minimum of 5-Stars. Be on the lookout for an upcoming inbox message with 3 shards for up to 7 of the required characters, and for the return of the Double Trouble Bonus Event to help bolster your Sinister Six characters.

Upcoming Blitzes

Our Pride Month celebration is still in full swing where we'll be featuring some of Marvel's iconic LGBTQ+ characters. In the spotlight in the coming week are Blitzes featuring two characters who pack a punch for their respective teams. Entering the ring on June 14th is the Crowd Pleaser Blitz, starring Shatterstar. Prepare for the upcoming Adam Warlock Legendary Event by slicing and dicing enemies in the name of shards for X-Factor's sword-wielding Brawler. And up next on June 17th is the Shapeshifter Blitz, where you can get your hands on character shards for Mystique, the Brotherhood and Marauder's elusive Controller.

Bonus Events

Jubilee's Legendary Event is right around the corner, which means it's time to grow your small but mighty Pym Tech team with the Pym Acceleration Bonus Event. For 24 hours starting June 13th, Pym Tech character shard rewards will be doubled in Campaign nodes. Filter your roster by "Pym Tech" to find all eligible characters and their corresponding nodes.

And then on June 15th, whip your Skill Military team into shape with the Double Time Bonus Event. Filter your roster by "Skill" and "Military" for the eligible characters and the nodes that'll reward 2x shards. You'll need a top Skill Military team for the upcoming Back to Bootcamp Flash Event, which rewards Training Modules, so don't miss your chance to grab more Skill Military shards.

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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