Fun in the Sun
June 26, 2020

Greetings Commanders,

Summer’s on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, but no matter where you are in the world, you’ll feel the heat from our upcoming seasonal event. Also raising the mercury this week is the return of Quarter Blitz, a hoppin’ mad addition to the Blitz Store, and a Legendary Event reappearing. Read on to find out how to give your roster a boost of vitamin D...

Fun in the Sun

Start layering on sunscreen because our Fun in the Sun event is coming soon. Soak up character shards, Elite 4 & 5 Credits, Purple and Orange Basic Catalysts, and other blistering rewards. The event revolves around the limited-time Firework Orbs and special Chimichangas. Here’s how you can shine during this event:

Limited-Time Firework Orbs

Earn Chimichangas via Blitz battles, Campaign nodes, and Daily Objectives, then use them to open Firework Orbs in the Store for orange, purple, and blue gear rewards.

Heat Storm Milestones 

Score milestone points by opening any of the following orbs to earn Chimichangas:

- Premium Orb

- Gold Orb

- Mega Orb

- Blue Gear Raid Orb

- Purple Gear Raid Orb

- Orange Gear Raid Orb

- Blue Gear War Orb

- Purple Gear War Orb

- Orange Gear War Orb

- Blitz Orb

Firework Frenzy Milestones 

Use Chimichangas to open any of the limited-time Firework Orbs to score points and earn Gear Credits, Elite Credits, Orange Gear, 3-Red Star Deadpool, 5-Red Star Cable, character shards, and Gold Orb Fragments.

Login Calendar 

Earn Cable shards, Gold Orb Fragments, Chimichangas, gear, Ability Materials, and more when you log in for 14 days.

Merc with a Mouth Event 

One of our original events, Merc with a Mouth, returns for the first time in over two years. Join Deadpool on his revenge quest against Ultimus and earn Deadpool character shards. The event will appear for everyone that hasn’t completed all of the missions.

10 for 10

Grab your Power Cores and head over to the Offers section, because the 10 for 10 deal is back! Starting during the Fun in the Sun preview period and available for the duration of the event, spend 10 Power Cores and get Gold, gear, character shards, Training Modules, or Energy.

Bonus Events

Rack up big rewards with these Bonus Events:

Quarter Blitz

Blitz Charges are capped at 25 per team and will not scale up the more a character is used.

Energy Overload

Receive 240 Campaign Energy instead of the normal 120 when refreshing Campaign Energy.

Raining Gold

Earn 2x Gold rewards from Campaign nodes.

Catalyst Cataclysm

Kicking off the Fun in the Sun festivities is Catalyst Cataclysm. For a limited time, earn 3x Basic Catalysts from these select Campaign missions:

Heroes 7-6: Superior Basic Catalyst Part

Villains 7-3 : Superior Basic Catalyst Part

Nexus 8-3: Superior Basic Catalyst Part

Villains 4-6: Improved Basic Catalyst

Villains 6-6: Improved Basic Catalyst

Nexus 1-6: Improved Basic Catalyst

Nexus 2-6: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part

Nexus 6-6: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part

Cosmic 1-3: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part

Cosmic 3-3: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part

Mystic 1-3: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part
Mystic 3-3: Advanced Basic Catalyst Part

Blitz Store Addition

Leaping into the Blitz Store next week is Toad, the Brotherhood’s amphibious Controller. Start grabbing his character shards and licking the competition. And as a reminder: on the first Wednesday of every month, a new character is made more accessible via the Store or Campaign nodes, so be on the lookout for future additions.

Now You See Me

Invisible Woman’s Legendary Event, Now You See Me, is revealing itself once again. To recruit the Fantastic Four’s Protector, you’ll need a top team of Sinister Six members, at a minimum of 5 Stars. Start preparing now and don’t miss out on Invisible Woman before this event disappears again.

Upcoming Blitzes

Sword and shield lovers rejoice because this week’s Blitzes feature characters that know their way around medieval weapons. Heimdall leads the week in the Gatekeeper Blitz, where you can battle your way to character shards for the Bifrost Bridge’s Brawler. And just in time for the American Independence Day is Captain America in the First Avenger Blitz. After Blitzing your way to Captain America shards, we’ll have a special Quarter Blitz edition of our Red Star/Orb Blitz. During Quarter Blitz, Blitz Charges are capped at 25 per team and will not scale up the more a character is used, so make noise in Blitz fit for a firework grand finale.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory returns this week for its monthly appearance. Assemble your Wakandan team and lead them through Chaos Theory missions to earn Silver and Gold Promotion Credits. You'll need at least 4 Wakandans to enter missions 1-3 and the Star requirement increases by one for each mission. For missions 4-7, a complete 5-Wakandan team is required.

Prep your Wakandans for Chaos Theory with the upcoming Wakanda Nation Event, where the following Campaign nodes will reward double character shards for Wakandans:

Black Panther: Nexus 4-9

Okoye: Nexus 6-3

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

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