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July 14, 2022

Greetings Commanders,

Bionic Avengers: Part 2

Earlier this week, we introduced you to the Bionic Avengers and their initial three team members: Iron Man, Vision, and Hulkbuster. Booting up for battle alongside their machine mates are new recruits, Deathlok and Viv Vision. While Deathlok is bringing the bullets to Raid lanes, Viv Vision will be sustaining her allies and introducing a new mechanic to MARVEL Strike Force. The Bionic Avengers will also be one of the required teams on Nodes 5 and 10 for Difficulty 5+ of the future Death Scourge Event!

But first: let's see what happens when man and machine collide…


Luther Manning was a colonel in the United States military when he was critically injured during a war games training exercise. His remains were salvaged by his superior officer for use in Project: Alpha-Mech, a covert operation to create cyborg super soldiers. Manning’s brain, nervous system, and living tissue were transplanted into a synthetic body and he was given the name Deathlok, due to Manning being locked in a death-like- state. His artificial musculature and hydraulics grants him superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability that make him a constant threat in battle and hand-to-hand combat. After his training and several missions, Deathlok’s human memories returned, causing him to rebel against his programming. He’s battled across multiple timelines alongside heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil, Wolverine, and Iron Man for the fate of mankind.

Deathlok slots into the Bionic Avengers as a Blaster with high Damage and Focus stats. While his primary mission is to unload rounds on enemies, Deathlok also powers up his teammates by gradually buffing Bionic Avenger allies over the course of three turns - similar to how Silver Surfer boosts speed. You'll also find Raid bonuses among his abilities to help propel the Bionic Avengers down Raid lanes.

Traits: Hero, Global, Tech, Blaster, Bionic Avenger

Basic - Laser Barrage

  • Attack primary target for 200% damage + Bonus Attack 3 times for 100% damage.
  • In Raids, if this character has full energy and Crits on any of these attacks, generate 1 Ability Energy for up to 2 BIONIC AVENGER allies who were not at full energy at the start of this turn.

Special - Gatling Sweep

  • Energy Cost: 5/5
  • Apply Offense Up for 2 turns to self and all BIONIC AVENGER allies.
  • Attack all enemies for 300% damage + apply 2 Bleed.
  • Generate 1 Ability Energy for all adjacent BIONIC AVENGER allies.
  • If this character has 3 or more BIONIC AVENGER allies, this attack cannot be dodged.

Ultimate - EMP Blast

  • Energy Cost: 5/7
  • Attack primary and adjacent targets for 450% damage.
  • If any target is TECH, attack that target for 500% damage instead.
  • Apply Ability Block to the primary target.
  • If the primary target is TECH, apply Ability Block for 2 turns instead.
  • Generate 1 Ability Energy for all adjacent BIONIC AVENGER allies.

Passive - Refurbished

  • On Turn, gain +15% Damage and all BIONIC AVENGER allies gain +15% Damage, up to a max of +45% Damage.
  • In Raids, when this character or a BIONIC AVENGER ally gains Ability Energy, gain +1 Charged, up to a maximum of 5.
  • At the end of any turn, if this character has 5 or more Charged, attack the most injured enemy for 300% damage and lose 5 Charged.
  • Gain +100% Focus.

Viv Vision

When the Vision decided to take his pursuit of humanity a step further, he created his own family in order to live the "American Dream." His classic nuclear family included the creation of a teenage daughter: Vivian "Viv" Vision. Her body is an artificial emulation of the human form, blending mechanical components with synthetic material, including synthetic bones and tissues that are stronger and more durable than a normal human's. Just like her father, Viv Vision possesses the abilities of superhuman strength, intangibility, density manipulation, and flight.

Viv Vision is a Support for the Bionic Avengers and she plays an important role by generating Ability Energy for her Bionic Avenger allies and Healing them when they gain Ability Energy. Her high Health stat assists her Healing abilities, while her high Focus aids in her ability to land negative effects on enemies, like Ability Block. Viv Vision also sports a new mechanic on her Ultimate Ability, "Solar Strafe," which allows her to attack all enemies in a single row with the target – perfect for a large wave of enemies in Raids.

Traits: Hero, Global, Tech, Support, Bionic Avenger

Basic - Synthezoid Strike

  • Attack primary target for 260% damage.
  • Apply +1 Deflect, up to a maximum of 5, to the most injured ally. If that ally is a BIONIC AVENGER, apply +2 Deflect instead.
  • In Raids
  • > Generate 2 Ability Energy for a random BIONIC AVENGER ally that was not at full energy on start of the current turn.
  • > Generate 1 Ability Energy for a random Vision ally.
  • > Gain an Assist from a random Vision ally.

Developer Note: this ability will not generate Ability Energy for a Counterattack, Assist, or Iso-8 Attack.

Special - Phasing Blast

  • Energy Cost: 4/4
  • Attack primary target for 300% damage + apply Offense Down for 2 turns and Ability Block for 2 turns.
  • Generate 1 Ability Energy for 2 random BIONIC AVENGER allies that were not at full energy on the start of the current turn.
  • In Raids
  • > On Kill, apply Offense Down for 2 turns and Ability Block for 2 turns to all adjacent enemies.
  • > This attack cannot be blocked.

Ultimate - Solar Strafe

  • Energy Cost: 6/6
  • Flip 2 negative effects to positive effects for all allies.
  • Flip all negative effects to positive effects for self and all BIONIC AVENGER allies instead.
  • Attack primary target and all enemies in that character's row for 400% damage + apply Blind.
  • Generate 1 Ability Energy for all BIONIC AVENGER allies.
  • If this character has 3 or more BIONIC AVENGER allies, this attack is unavoidable.

Developer Note: to clarify, there are two rows available to select, a front row and a back row.

Passive - Positive Vibes

  • Whenever this character or a BIONIC AVENGER ally gains Ability Energy, heal self and all BIONIC AVENGER allies for 3% of this character's Max Health.
  • When this character or any BIONIC AVENGER ally drops below 50% Max Health for the first time, do the following.
  • > Clear Disrupted on that character.
  • > Clear Heal Block on that character.
  • > Apply Stealth to that character.
  • > In Raids, generate 1 Ability Energy for that character.
  • Gain +50% Armor.
  • BIONIC AVENGER allies gain +25% Armor.
  • In Raids, BIONIC AVENGER allies gain an additional +25% Armor.

Summer of Thunder Events

Coordinated Assault

Coordinated Assault Spend Iso 8 Campaign Energy

The second run of Coordinated Assault for this month is rumbling your way on July 18th at 5:00PM (PDT). Spend Iso-8 Campaign Energy to earn points (1 Energy = 1 point) toward a 7-day Alliance Milestone that rewards T2 Level 1 Ions, T1 Ions, and Mjolnir Fragments for progress in Summer of Thunder.

Coordinated Assault Spend Iso 8 Campaign Energy

Summer X-travaganza

Summer X Travaganza Quick Rumble Blitz

The next Quick Rumble strikes Blitz on July 21st at 5:00PM (PDT) in the form of Summer X-travaganza, which features X-Force. The Summer X-travaganza Milestone will reward Mjolnir Fragments, Blitz Credits, T1 and T2 L1 Ions, T1 and T2 Basic Iso-8 Orbs as you score wins through either Blitz or Blitz Sim (40 points). You can work through the milestones more efficiently by winning with characters who have the featured trait at 5 Stars (1,840 points) and even faster with those characters at 7 Stars (4,120 points).

Summer X Travaganza Quick Rumble Blitz

War Updates

To provide improved consistency in War matches, there will be updates to War Boosts and the rooms that provide Deflect to instead grant a new positive effect called Minor Deflect. Similar to Deflect, Minor Deflect will give you 100% Block Chance, but it doesn't provide the additional chance to negate the application of an effect that Block normally provides. The dev team will be closely monitoring these changes to ensure that they have the intended results.

This update will go live with the upcoming Version 6.3.0 Release, so start strategizing with your Alliance now.

S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass: Season 18

The next season of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass is slated to start on July 19th at 5:00PM (PDT) and the rewards will help you make roster magic. Complete your Daily Objectives during the upcoming season to rack up character shards for Doctor Voodoo, among the many other rewards.

Character Availability

On July 20th at 5:00PM (PDT), we have two characters on the move. Star-Lord (T'Challa) is heading to the Doom 3-9 Campaign node, replacing Multiple Man, who is setting up shop in the Raid Store for 1,400 Raid Credits.

Red Stars Availability

Going live on July 17th at 5:00PM (PDT) will be a temporarily increased drop rate for Valkyrie in Red Star Orbs. 

After unlocking Rogue during the Famine Scourge Event, head over to the Elite Store on July 20th at 5:00PM (PDT) to obtain her Red Stars. This Horseman will have a dedicated slot and you can use Dark Promotion Credits to promote Rogue one Red Star higher than the current rank. You'll be able to promote Rogue to a max of 5 Red Stars.

Weekly Events

Super Spy Blitz

  • Start Date: July 17th at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Reward: Sharon Carter character shards

Phoenix Rising Repeating Legendary Event

  • Start Date: July 18th at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Reward: Phoenix character shards
  • Required character: Mystic Villain Controller

Chaos Theory Flash Event

  • Start Date: July 22nd at 5:00PM (PDT)
  • Rewards: Silver and Gold Promotion Credits
  • Required characters: Wakandan

Until next time…

Good luck, Commanders!

**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**

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