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Greetings Commanders,

This week we’ve got a special mission for your ragtag Mutant blackops team that’ll leave you breaking the fourth wall with all the excitement. We’ve also got a returning Legendary Event that’ll make you want to scream, Power Armor teammates jetting to new homes, Blitzes we azure you are astute, and events fresh out of the dojo.

X Marks the Spot

Unearth big rewards in the upcoming X Marks the Spot Milestone Event. Instead of a shovel, your tool will be X-Force! Use X-Force characters in Arena, Blitz, and War battles to earn milestone points and reap rewards for Orange Gear, Gear Credits, and character shards for X-Force members. Don’t miss out on showcasing this lethal team in the name of a big score.

Next Legendary Event

With word of Doc Ock polishing his tentacles, Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans, is taking a break from sitting on his throne to remind everyone (quietly) of his power. Your next shot at Black Bolt character shards is on the way with the Unite the Kingdoms Legendary Event. To add the Inhuman’s Legendary Blaster to your roster, you'll need to assemble a minimum of a 5-star squad of Asgardians. Keep an eye out for your chance to elevate your Asgardians with the upcoming 2x Bonus Event: 4 Asgard!

Ironheart & Rescue

Two Power Armor team members are on the move and airdropping into new homes. Ironheart is heading to the Villains 7-9 Campaign node, so head there to upgrade this brilliant Blaster with more character shards. And to make room for Ironheart, Rescue is passing the torch on her node position and heading back to the Blitz Store for purchase. Rescue will now be purchasable in the Blitz Supplies section for 500 Blitz Credits. She’ll still be in the Blitz Orb, but will no longer drop at a higher rate in the Blitz Orb. 

Upcoming Blitzes

Dive into deep blue and the sea with this week’s Blitzes. Coming up first is the Atlantean Prince Blitz where you can scoop up buckets of character shards for Namor, the part-time Fantastic Four ally and full-time ruler of the sea. And immediately following is the second round of the Azure Animal Blitz where you’ll get another shot at shards for Beast, the X-Men’s newest Support member.

Hand Events

Back for some five-fingered fun are two events featuring your favorite ninjas. Grab double Hand character shards in the Need a Hand? Event in these Campaign nodes for 24 hours:

Hand Sentry: Mystic 1-6

Elektra: Heroes 3-9 & Nexus 3-9

Hand Sorceress: Heroes 2-9 & Nexus 3-3

Hand Blademaster: Villains 3-6

Nobu: Villains 6-3

Hand Assassin: Nexus 7-6

Then put your Hand team together and clap at Advanced Basic Catalysts in Relic Hunt. We’ve increased the Superior Gear piece rewards going forward, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Until next time…

Good luck, Commander!

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