Captain America (Sam) Ability Text Updates
July 17, 2021

There have been questions about how some of Captain American (Sam)’s abilities function. The dev team would like to clarify a few points of his kit, and we will be updating some of the in-game ability text to make the details of his mechanics more apparent. The functionality of these abilities will not change, these are only updates to the text:

Stars and Stripes

The level 7 upgrade text is missing the callout to “Gain Taunt for 2 turns”, but it is in the final description. We’ll be updating the upgrade text here.

Freedom Flight

This text is getting a clarification to how the ability grants Speed Bar. The ability first deals damage, then for each remaining enemy, it will grant Speed Bar for each enemy character still standing. The new text will read:

  • Attack all enemies for 450% damage.
  • For each enemy remaining, fill Speed Bar for self and all SKILL allies by 10% for each enemy + fill Speed Bar for all other allies by 5% for each enemy.

Captain’s Legacy

The upgrade text for level 4 and level 5 indicate that he gets “+5% Max Health” but it should read as “+10% Max Health”. We’ll update the text to match the functionality.

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