Captain Marvel Character Shards
May 14, 2020

There was recently an issue where some players were erroneously sent 50x Captain Marvel character shards via the Inbox. The intent was to only send the character shards to certain eligible players that missed out on fully claiming the original Widowmaker calendar in March 2019.

This is the plan to ensure an equitable distribution among all players:

  • Players that were ineligible to receive the 50x CM shards but erroneously received them recently get to keep them

  • Players that were ineligible to receive the 50x CM shards and correctly didn’t receive them recently will be sent these 50x shards

  • Players that were actually eligible to receive the 50x CM shards will be sent an additional 50x shards

Basically, by the time that all the character shards are distributed, all players will net an additional 50x Captain Marvel shards over what was originally intended. This plan is currently being worked on and targeting distribution sometime next week.

For players that missed the original Widowmaker calendar entirely (didn’t claim a single day), that was activated today and should be visible when your daily calendars reset. Thanks for your patience while we organized this information.