Captain Marvel Shards For Missed Calendars
April 23, 2020

A few weeks ago, the Widowmaker Calendar containing Captain Marvel character shards was reissued for players that were ineligible for the first iteration of the calendar completed in March 2019.

As we would like for all players to benefit from the Captain Marvel shards that are being awarded from these calendars, there are two outlier segments of players that need to be addressed:

1. Players that created their accounts before the March 15th, 2019 cutoff, didn’t claim any character shards while the Calendar ran, and have subsequently returned to playing the game.

Action: these players will have the full Widowmaker Calendar made available to them in the near future.

2. Players that started their accounts before March 15th, 2019, and claimed at least one of the days of rewards but not the full calendar of rewards.

Action: as the final day of the Calendar rewarded the most significant amount of shards, 50x Captain Marvel, we will be sending these players those 50 character shards via the Inbox as a thank you for supporting us for the past year.

Thank you for your patience while we were able to work out the logistics of this topic.