Character Progression & Tech Issues
March 5, 2021

Three weeks ago we posted a response to some concerns raised by players regarding character progression and technical issues. In that post we announced that we would address the feedback with specifics after a few weeks, and we’re ready to share more information with you today.

Character Progression

Training Modules

There’s been a lot of player feedback on the topic of Training Module availability. After some analysis, it's clear that we need to significantly increase the amount of available Training Modules to better enable players to level up their characters at the intended rate. Through a number of changes, we are going to increase the amount of Training Modules you can get on a monthly basis by a value of nearly 800,000 XP (or 1000 L3 Training Modules).

Firstly, we will be creating a recurring Flash Event that specifically rewards Training Modules - similar to events like Payday and Chaos Theory. This event will require Skill Military characters (see below for information on that team’s rework), and we will make Yelena’s character shards more accessible before the first run of the event, which we’re currently targeting around May. And similar to Chaos Theory, the first-time completion rewards will be generous, to give some initial relief up-front.

Second, we’ll be increasing the amount of Training Modules you get from Daily Objectives from one L2 and L3 each, to over 15 L3 Training Modules every day. Training Modules will also be added as rewards to various areas including login calendars and level rewards (for newer players).

Finally, because we know May is a couple months away, we’ll be looking for opportunities to provide you with additional Training Modules in the meantime. This will likely include Training Modules in events, milestones, and new features.

Orange Gear

Similar to Training Modules, we looked at Orange Gear availability and identified areas where we can nearly double the inflow of standard materials (like Catalyst, Stat Catalyst, and Origin Gear) to help players better progress through Orange Gear.

We’ll be increasing Orange Gear availability in the following ways:

  • Doubling the Superior Basic Catalysts in Daily Objectives

  • Doubling the non-first time rewards of Orange Gear in Relic Hunt

  • Doubling the value for Superior Basic Catalysts, Stat Catalysts, and Origin Gear in the Raid Store

  • Adding an additional row of Orange Gear into the Raid Store

The per-unit cost of all Orange Gear (except uniques) in the Main Supplies Store will be reduced, and quantities will be increased, resulting in:

  • 300% more value on Superior Basic Catalysts, going from 240k Gold for 5 pieces to 240k Gold for 20 pieces

  • 60% more value on basic Origin Gear, going from 32.1k Gold for 1 piece to 60k Gold for 3 pieces

  • 100% more value on Stat Catalysts, going from 96.3k Gold for 3 pieces to 80k Gold for 5 pieces

Additionally, this is the point in the natural lifecycle of Gear Tier 15 where we would provide more access to the Gear Tier 15 mini-uniques. You’ll be seeing this in the following ways:

  • Double the quantity of mini-unique bundles in the War Store and orb, going from 1400 War Credits for 2 pieces to 1400 War Credits for 4 pieces

  • 40% more value in the Main Supply Store, going from 50k Gold for 1 piece to 70k Gold for 2 pieces

There will be additional Orange Gear reward changes in the next section as well…

Raid Milestone Rewards

As previously mentioned, we acknowledge that these milestones are overdue for an update. We will be adding additional tiers of Milestones that will reward blue, purple, and orange gear raid orbs. Furthermore, there will be top-tier Milestones specifically for Doom Raid progression with exclusive rewards. We anticipate this happening toward the end of March.

Skill Military Characters

Some players that invested significant resources into characters with the Skill & Military traits have provided feedback that the team isn’t quite meeting their expectations. While this team can challenge many other squads at an equal power level, we’ve seen that they haven’t been winning as many battles as we intended.

The combat designers are now taking a second pass at the Skill Military team to make some additional improvements that should increase their effectiveness in combat. Additionally, we will be adding the Military trait to Black Widow, so she will be another character you have the option of swapping in. We anticipate these changes going live in version 5.3.

Character balance is an on-going and ever-changing endeavor for us, and we always appreciate your feedback to assist in striking that proper parity.

Technical Issues

Thor’s Hammer (Throwing Abilities)

The engineering team has continued to investigate the problem with Thor’s Hammer Throw ability causing a soft lock. Fortunately, we’re fairly confident that we found the problem and will push the fix in version 5.2, scheduled for release in a few weeks. What we found is that when the ability was used once, Mjolnir wouldn’t properly return to Thor’s hand. Then, if a player tries to use the ability a second time, that’s when the soft lock would occur. We will monitor the situation to ensure that the fix is working as intended.

Buffs Not Expiring When Intended

There are currently some scenarios where positive effects for characters do not expire at the intended time. For example: a character with Defense Up that should expire after 1 turn, lasts 2 turns or longer. This will also be fixed in version 5.2.

Arena Exploit

When it comes to exploits, it’s a tricky situation regarding communication. On the one hand, we do want players to know that we’re aware of an exploit and are investigating how to close the loophole. On the other hand, players that didn’t already know about the exploit might seek information on how to abuse it. Given the recent concern over this exploit, we feel it prudent at this time to acknowledge it and say what we’re doing about it.

Without going into too much detail (for the aforementioned reasons) there is currently an exploit that allows players to manipulate Arena rankings in an unintended way. We have a fix for this that will go live with version 5.2.

Black Panther Passive Ability

Regarding Black Panther’s Passive Ability, "Defender of Wakanda," he is currently not gaining Speed Bar when he kills a target through an Assist attack. This is not intended and will be fixed in version 5.2.

Costumes Clarification

In the 2021 First-half Preview post, one of the new features we mentioned that we are working on is Costumes. There were several questions from players wanting to know if unlocking and equipping a costume for a character would somehow enhance that character’s balance or abilities. The answer to that is: no, costumes will not have a direct mechanical advantage. There is a possibility that, in the future, costumes could unlock additional perks, but there are presently no plans for them to do so. The intention of the system is to allow players to customize the look of their characters freely without feeling pressured to change costumes in order to gain an edge in battle.


The team always welcomes feedback and constructive criticism. Please know that we are always listening and that it takes time to put feedback into motion. As ever, thank you for being here with us on this journey.

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