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Community Update: Alliance War and Colossus Blitz
8/28/2019 1:01 AM

Greetings Commanders,

This week's update is for all the Blitz fans out there as we have a barrage of Blitzes on the horizon. Read on to find out how to acquire shards for Kree Minions, Mantis, Colossus, and City Heroes!

Before we get started, we've received a lot of feedback regarding the recent announcement of the Phoenix Legendary Event requirements. We want to let you know that the dev team is currently reviewing that feedback and we'll be addressing it in a future post separate from this one. So stay tuned for that.

Alliance War Updates

We're using your Alliance War feedback to implement two new updates. First, season times have changed to allow for more time to switch Alliances without losing out on rewards. And speaking of rewards, we're also increasing the Alliance War payouts for both Victory and Defeat. Here are the new Alliance War Rewards:


100k Gold

2k War Credits

500 Elite War Credits

15 Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts


50k Gold

1k War Credit

100 Elite War Credits

10 Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts

Update: We've updated this post to clarify that Alliance War will reward Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts.

Coordinate with your Alliance to get your hands on the new and improved spoils of War!

Community Poll - Kree Minion Blitz

The previous community polls were a lot of fun, so we're bringing back the power of the vote. Be on the lookout for the Kree Minion Blitz poll featured on our Facebook page where you can vote on the Kree character shards up for grabs. Up for vote will be Kree Noble, Oracle, Cyborg, Reaper, and Royal Guard. The next Nick Fury Legendary Event will be here before you know it, so cast your vote for the Kree that still needs a little love.

Mantis in the Blitz Store

If you've been looking to Rank Up Mantis, the Guardian Raid team Healer is now available in the Blitz store. Along with Raid-specific abilities, Mantis has both a tiered team Heal and a Health redistribution Heal. Combine Mantis's potent Heals with her Drax Team Synergy you've got yourself a top-notch Cosmic healer ready to take Raid nodes by storm.

Quarter Blitz

It's time to turn your Blitz rewards up a notch with the upcoming Quarter Blitz. During Quarter Blitz, Blitz Charges are capped at 25 and will not scale up the more a character is used. Don't miss your chance to play more Blitz battles and earn rewards.

Colossus Blitz

Activate your mutant gene, because the X-Men members are landing in Blitz. Test your mettle by battling your way to character shards for the man made of metal: Colossus! The X-Men Protector lands in Blitz on 6/3 and again on 6/10, so you'll have a couple of opportunities to recruit the big fella. And don't take your foot off the pedal, because gusting in after the X-Tank is Storm for a Blitz of her own on 6/6. 

Block Party

After you get your fill of Blitz events, Block Party is coming back. Put the finishing touches on your City Team and battle your way to Ability Materials!

That's all for this week. As always...

Good luck, Commanders!

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