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Greetings Commanders,

This week we're revealing the unlock details behind the Sinister Six's next member, along with a high-flying Blitz, and a five-fingered 2x event. If you've got a fishbowl, put it on now, because we're talking Mysterio first!

Mysterio Joins the Fight

No, you're not seeing things; Mysterio is on his way to join the fight against Ultimus. Mysterio joins the Sinister Six as their Controller and utilizes his abilities to enhance the Sinister Six's capabilities even further.

You'll have a couple of different ways to add the newest City-stomper to your roster. First, Mysterio will be featured in a special login calendar starting early next week. This calendar will run for 2 weeks and will reward Mysterio shards as well as Premium, Training, and Milestone Orbs fragments. Second, Mysterio will be a featured character in a new set of Milestones. Additional tiers have been introduced this time around, along with more rewards for engaging in battles and spending Gold & Campaign Energy.

If you're looking for an edge against City heroes, you don't want to miss out on recruiting the Master of Illusion. Mysterio's kit nullifies City Hero special and ultimate abilities via Ability Block, clears enemy positive effects, and summons clones of himself when he dies. This is your chance to make City Heroes disappear!

Q&A with CM Cerebro

In case you missed it, Community Manager Cerebro live-streamed a Q&A session with MARVEL Strike Force content creator Khasino. Cerebro and Khasino chatted about popular community topics like saved squads, Raid balancing, and more.

You can watch a recap of the section with Cerebro here.

Falcon Blitz

Soaring over to Blitz is Falcon, the Blaster for the Power Armor team and Elite War Offense. Falcon is a tank buster that specializes in punishing enemies with positive effects and clearing enemy Stealth. He's an Alliance War specialist, so claw your way to Falcon shards in Blitz to recruit and rank him up.

Hand 2x Event

Emerging from the shadows this week is the Hand 2x Event. For a limited time, Campaign nodes will have a chance to reward 2x Hand shards. The time is now to enhance Hand Assassin, Hand Sentry, and Elektra.

That's all for this week! As always…

Good luck, Commanders!

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