Fantastic Events on the way
August 9, 2019

Greetings Commanders,

We have a fantastic event lineup this week featuring some of our most iconic characters, including a new Event Campaign, a magnetic Legendary Event, a Gold boost, a 2x shard event for Marvel 80th characters, and more. 

Fantastic Four Event Campaign

Marvel's first family has arrived and their clobberin' Brawler and blazing Blaster are leading the way into battle. Join the Thing and Human Torch on their high-stakes mission and duke it out against Ultimus's forces for a chance to earn character shards for the Thing.

You'll need your top team of Marvel 80th characters for a chance at recruiting and ranking up the Thing. For a complete list of characters with the Marvel 80th trait, check out last week's blog. 

The Thing is the brutal Fantastic Four Brawler who obliterates enemy Health with heavy single-target damage while granting Fantastic Four and Namor armor. Don't miss out on your chance to recruit the first member of the Fantastic Four!

Marvel 80th Anniversary Celebration

We're kicking off the Marvel 80th Anniversary celebration with a new Marvel 80th Anniversary login calendar. This calendar will feature shards for iconic Marvel characters, as well as Red Star Promotion Credits, which you can use to increase a specific character's Red Star level. This calendar, along with a special 2x shard event for Marvel 80th characters, will go live on August 10th!

That's not all though; we also have a new one-day event heading to the Campaign soon, which will allow you to earn increased Gold from Campaign nodes. Be on the lookout because you don't want to miss out on stocking up on as much Gold as possible.

Magneto Legendary Event

The Master of Magnetism is back, and his Legendary Event is your chance to recruit the powerful leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. You'll need a team of 5-star X-Men or Brotherhood characters to have a chance at recruiting Magneto, so be sure to rank them up before the start of the event.

The Return of Gamma Raids

Gamma Raids are the next Raid to make a return, and this time Brawlers are the featured character trait. Coordinate with your Alliance to earn orb fragments that reward select Brawlers, now including Vulture.

Groot Blitz

Your favorite sentient tree creature is digging his roots into Blitz next week, so gather up your Blitz charges and battle your way to Groot shards. His buddy Star-Lord isn't too far away, so make like a tree and leave the other commanders in the dust.

That's all for this week! As always…

Good luck, Commanders!

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