Crackdown on Blitz Cheating
June 25, 2020

One of the topics that has been actively discussed for the past few months has surrounded the Blitz feature. As this is one of the methods used to release new characters into the game, we understand that players have concerns about of a small number of players that claim to be using 3rd-party applications or scripts (AKA “bots”) to interface with emulators to play Blitz while they are away-from-screen. This has been discussed at-length by many members of the studio, as we don’t want to jump to conclusions or make any hasty decisions. Upon many months of investigation and discussion, we have a plan in place to move forward.

To be clear: the use of third-party applications/bots/scripts that simulate player activity in Blitz is considered cheating

As this is the first official declaration by the studio that the alleged “Blitz bots” are considered cheating, we will not be permanently banning players retroactively. However, any player that uses the third-party software in question as of this date: you will risk being banned from your account permanently!

Thanks for your patience while we established a plan to move forward.

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