Deathpool's Passive Ability
September 1, 2021

There are two issues regarding Deathpool’s passive ability.

First, you may have seen that the English-only text for Deathpool’s passive ability, Death Comes For All, was updated yesterday. That text was unintentionally pushed live yesterday from one of our development builds. One of the changes states that she won’t trigger a bonus attack when she personally kills an enemy unit. A true change like this would have happened in all languages, and would be accompanied by an official announcement. This text change will be undone.

In actuality, the dev team will be working to update the functionality to match the ability description and cause Deathpool to trigger her bonus attack if she kills an enemy character. This update will require a new client and therefore likely won’t be implemented for several weeks until the next version 5.7.0.

Second, there was another text update to Deathpool’s passive ability that clarifies how ability energy is distributed.

“On enemy Death, generate 1 Ability Energy for 2 random MYSTIC allies or self that were not at full energy on start of the current turn.”

Again, this text was unintentionally pushed live yesterday but this part will remain intact and the localizations for other languages should be implemented later this week.

We apologize for the confusion this situation caused and appreciate your patience while we work to address it.

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