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Doom 3 Raid Map
July 25, 2022

The Doom 3 raid will go live with the launch of version 6.3 on the 27th (PDT)!

The raid map is available on for you to use for planning with your alliance. Here is the link to the map on

Here is the map and the Iso-8 requirements:

Doom 3 Raid Map

Iso-8 Requirements for each difficulty:

Normal:    ISO-8 T2 L3

Difficulty 1: ISO-8 T2 L3

Difficulty 2: ISO-8 T2 L3

Difficulty 3: ISO-8 T2 L3

Difficulty 4: ISO-8 T2 L3

Difficulty 5: ISO-8 T2 L4

Difficulty 1 and 2 are unlocked by 60% completion in the previous difficulty. Difficulty 3 and above requires 100% completion to unlock.

Players seeking additional T2 L4 Ions to be able to take on Difficulty 5 will be able to earn them from their end of Crucible rewards in Cosmic Crucible, so long as their League ranking is Platinum or higher. We will continue to increase their availability over the coming months.

Have fun with the new Raid and the dev team looks forward to reading your feedback.

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