European “Payment Services Directive 2” on Jan 1st
December 21, 2020

If you are located in Europe, this information is relevant to you.

On January 1st, a new law called “Payment Services Directive 2” will go into effect in certain European countries that will add an additional step when making some purchases (players will be redirected to their banking website/platform to provide a secondary payment verification), and in certain situations, players might see a minor visual bug in Marvel Strike Force. 

In these situations, after completing the verification steps with the payment provider, players will see a “failure” pop-up in the game. Rest assured, this pop-up is erroneous and your payments will indeed have gone through. Upon closing the pop-up, you’ll see the standard rewards pop-up containing the goods that you’ve purchased. 

To avoid encountering the “failure” pop-up, today we have released a new version of the that should correct the problem. If you encounter any technical issues with this process, you are welcome to contact our support team. But please note that certain problems might occur on the payment provider’s side, in which case you would need to contact their respective support teams for assistance. 

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