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Events delayed
March 26, 2020

A number of scheduled events have been slightly delayed, and we want to let you know in advance so you can properly prepare. 

The following Legendary Events are delayed by one week:

- Black Bolt Legendary Event: delayed from mid-April to late-April, currently targeting April 27th 5:00PM PDT

- Ebony Maw Legendary Event: delayed from mid-May to late-May

It’s recommended to use this extra time to prepare your Asgardians and Inhumans to recruit Black Bolt and Ebony Maw. Look out for more opportunities to earn these character shards in the near future. 

The following Milestone event has been delayed by 2 weeks:

- Spider-man (Symbiote) Milestone, 2nd run: delayed from early April to mid-April, currently targeting April 15th, 5:00PM PDT

Thanks for your patience.

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