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Closed Beta Playtest Details
October 1, 2019

Starting today, we are running a closed beta test of a feature currently in development for Marvel Strike Force, called Iso-8. Nearly 100 players have been given access to a closed server to help us test the feature and provide feedback. During this playtest, which will likely last two weeks, those players are going to be asked not to publicly discuss the details of the feature as many of those details are still in flux, and many won’t be finalized until after we get and review their feedback.

The Iso-8 feature is a crafting and enhancement system for individual characters that grants improvements to their stats. This feature will mark the beginning of your ability to customize the characters in your roster and choose which stats on them you want to further improve, such as: Damage, Health, Armor, Focus and Resistance. This will add an additional layer of strategy and theorycrafting to squad composition and combat.

This description might sound similar to features that you’ve encountered in some other games. The dev team intends to learn from the missteps that those other systems have made, and there are several design aspects of the Iso-8 feature that we are able to share with you now:

  • The Iso-8 system will not launch with additional Speed stats, and we currently have no plans to introduce Speed bonuses
  • Players will be able to craft many Iso-8 crystals daily, and make deliberate progression toward customizing the specific characters they want to prioritize
  • A concern for us in designing the Iso-8 system is to not make the modifiers so powerful that they become the only focus of character progression. We want Iso-8 to complement the Leveling, Stars, and Gear systems -- not overshadow them.

We want to be as transparent as possible about the Iso-8 feature, and look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks as we’re able to finalize them.


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