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May 31, 2021

Greetings Commanders,

Fresh from Scientist Supreme's lab, the next phase of team customization is nigh: T2 (Blue) Iso-8. The latest updates to Iso-8 increase the power and capabilities of your character, introduce new orbs to the Iso-8 Store, and will have a relation to the Doom Raids moving forward. Let's dive in!

To unlock the power of T2 Iso-8, a level 75 character will need to equip T1 (Green) Iso-8 Level 5 Crystals in each of the 5 slots of a T1 Level 5 Class to upgrade the Matrix. It will cost 10,000 T1 Ions in order to upgrade. When you upgrade the Matrix, the equipped T1 Crystals will be consumed but their stat bonuses will remain. Each individual Class must be at T1 Level 5 in order to be upgraded to T2. Upon equipping T2 Crystals and upgrading the Classes, T2 Iso-8 will grant certain stat increases, and each Class will have a more significant increase to specific stats. T2 Iso-8 also grants new bonuses to each Class, which will add another level to your attacks. Here's an overview of the level 3 updates for each Class:


 Strikers have a simple yet powerful bonus upgrade: 

  • When an enemy has at least 2 Vulnerable, Strikers will deal additional damage based on their max Health to that enemy, increasing the Striker's potency. This damage bypasses Armor and Barrier.


Fortifier gains several bonuses with T2 Iso-8 to further protect a character. On Turn, Fortifier gains Minor Defense Up. Fortifier will also gain Barrier on Spawn based on their max Health.


In addition to increasing the strength of Active Healing, Healers receive two additional effects with T2 Iso-8. On Attack if a Healer's target has Vulnerable, they'll clear a Bleed/Minor Bleed from the ally with the lowest Health. And at T2 Level 3, Healers will start applying Regeneration instead of Minor Regeneration. 


Skirmishers not only complement the Striker's update, but get a couple other bonuses as well:

  • T2 Iso-8 Skirmishers will apply 2 Vulnerable with their attacks, and they'll gain Extra Focus for their clear. And lastly, Skirmishers gain a damage boost to their Assists.


Similar to Skirmishers, Raiders will be spreading around Vulnerable more generously with each attack: 

  •  On Active Ability hits, they'll have a chance to Bonus Attack on each enemy hit for Piercing damage.

Where to Get T2 Iso-8

The main source of T2 Iso-8 resources will be the updated Doom I Raid rewards. After reaching a completion of 30% or higher, you'll earn the new T2 Iso-8 Credits, which are comparable to Purple Gear Credits in that they'll open your choice of new Role Orbs. These Role Orbs will reward two Crystals for the specified role in the center pillar, one for another random role in the left pillar, and T2 Level 1 Ions in the right pillar. Rounding out the new orbs will be the Basic T2 Iso-8 Orb, which is similar to its T1 counterpart.

There will also be some offers for T2 Iso-8, so players can jump right in, but there will be limited quantities to the amount that can be purchased.

At launch, you'll be able to upgrade to level 3 and will be able to upgrade to level 4 and 5 in the future. 

We look forward to seeing the creative ways the Community utilizes T2 Iso-8 and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Good luck, Commanders!

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