Iso-8 FAQ
October 7, 2020

There have been many questions about Iso-8 since its release last week. So, we put together an FAQ to help clear up any confusion:

Q: Do Summons get the class bonus?
A. Summons, which includes Dark Phoenix ability “Phoenix Rising” and  Doc Ock’s ability “Sinister Recharge, will receive the crystal stats bonuses, but they will not receive the class bonuses or effect. Additionally Mister Sinister's ability “Clone,” will receive Mister Sinister's Iso-8 crystal bonuses, but not any of his class-related bonus or effects.

Q: What does Primary Hit mean?
A. Primary Hit is the first attack on the primary target. For example, if Gamora uses her special ability “Ruthless Blade”, the Primary Hit is the first attack of the chain. For Gamora’s basic “Assassin’s Strike” ability, it will only trigger on the first hit, but not for any of the bonus attacks.

Q: Does +Active Healing affect Minn-erva’s Ultimate ability "Mass Phlebotomy"?
A. No. Plus Active Healing does not affect Health Steal (Dark Phoenix Special “Bestow Light,” Ebony Maw’s Ultimate “Forced Transfusion”) or Redistribute Health (Scarlet Witch’s special” Warped Reality,” and Mantis’ ultimate “Soothe”)

Q. How are Iso-8 bonuses calculated into a character’s stats?
A. They additively stack with the Red Stars Stats bonus. If you really want to pop the hood and see what’s going on in detail, here is the formula breakdown of the Iso-8 Base Stats:
(Health, Armor, Damage, Focus, and Resist): (Health, Armor, Damage, Focus, and Resist): FinalStat = ((BaseStatxStarkTechxWarRoom x (Redstar+Iso8))+(flat stat bonuses)) x CharacterPassives

Q. For Non-Healer characters:  Level 1 Healer Gains 5% Active Healing, Level 3 Healer heals lowest health ally +5%.  Does the 5% this character gained in Level 1 play a role?  Does this then become +10% heal? For example, would someone like Thanos (if Healer Level 3) heal for 5% or 10%?
A. Active Healing is a multiplier on all healing done by abilities, which do count passives. Any time a character heals a character with a non-regeneration source, it will heal for 5/10/20% more as a multiplier. Therefore, +20% healing is taking the final heal amount and multiplying it by 1.2. For example, healing for 1000+5% with active healing is 1.2*(1000+5%) = 1,200 + 6%

Q. Is it free to switch classes?
A. After you pay to upgrade a class you can switch any time between the classes for no cost.

Q. When a character has Skirmisher selected, under what circumstances will they not apply Vulnerable when they Assist attack or Counterattack?
A.  A character with the Skirmisher Class selected will not apply Vulnerable with On Attack passive abilities. For example, Cull Obsidian’s Passive, ”Payback," will not apply Vulnerable when an enemy attacks an ally Thanos or Ebony Maw. This would also include characters like SHIELD Trooper and Punisher.

For additional clarification: the Raider class does not work on Assist attacks or counterattacks - only Skirmisher does.

Q. Do Counterattacks apply Vulnerable?
A. We are currently investigating  issues where Vulnerable is not applying correctly with counterattack- we'll keep you posted

Q. Do the effects of Vulnerable stack on itself?
A. No, while Vulnerable can stack more than once, the effects of the ability including the 10% increased damage do not stack.

Q. Can Vulnerable be Blocked, Dodged, or Resisted?
A. An attack on an enemy that successfully hits will always apply Vulnerable (if eligible). If the attack that would apply Vulnerable is dodged, then Vulnerable will not be applied. 

Q: Why is Namor’s Ultimate Ability, “Giganto”, not reliably inflicting Vulnerable in Alliance War?

A: When a Critical Hit is Blocked (also provided by Deflect) it will still add the additional damage to the attack, but that damage is then reduced by the Block amount and the hit is considered blocked. Basically, a successfully Blocked attack will prevent Vulnerable from being applied, even if it is a critical hit.

Q. Which abilities get the benefit of Active Healing?
A. Active Healing only affects “direct heals” (static numbers, Max Health). This includes Abilities that Heal based on a static number or based on Max Health like Hydra Scientist’s ability “Test Patient Zero” or Shuri’s ability “Kimoyo Healing”. Active Healing will also boost the direct healing of Night Nurse’s ability “Urgent Care”, but it will not boost the indirect healing from the applied Regenerations. 

Q: Which abilities do NOT get the benefit of Active Healing?

A: Active Healing does not affect “indirect healing” (Steal Health, Drain, Regeneration, Redistribute). It will not affect abilities that Steal Health including Ebony Maw’s ability “Forced Transfusion”. It will not affect Drain, including Drax’s ability “Destroyer”. It will also not affect abilities that Redistribute health, including Scarlet Witch’s ability, “Warp Reality”.

Thank you for all your questions regarding Iso-8 and we’ll see you in-game!

Please feel free to continue asking us questions regarding Iso-8 as we will be updating the FAQ with as many answers as possible. 

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