New Feature Tutorial: Iso-8
September 28, 2020

Welcome to your introduction to the exciting new feature: Iso-8! We’ve created a detailed video tutorial to walk you through the feature, so you’ll be ready to jump right in when it goes live this week. We’ve also provided the same information in text-form below, along with some screenshots.

Whether you're a methodical tinkerer of teams or prefer a more casual approach to your roster, Iso-8 is a versatile new way to add an extra dimension to your characters.

Simply put: Iso-8 is a progression system, somewhat similar to gear, that allows you, for the first time ever, to customize your characters.

Iso 8 1

Outfitting your characters with Iso-8 will:

  • Add additional Power

  • Boost the capabilities of your current characters

  • Grant new abilities

  • Create new team possibilities

  • Allow you to customize characters based on your playstyle

The basic Iso-8 experience is as follows: 

  1. Acquire Iso-8 Crystals

  2. Equip your Crystals to its designated attribute

  3. Unlock and choose your Class

  4. Customize your squads using Iso-8 boosted characters

Iso-8 unlocks at Commander Level 55, and upon unlocking the feature, you'll have access to the Isotope-8 Campaign. This is where you'll acquire your Iso-8 Crystals. There are multiple types of Crystals and each focuses on one specific attribute.

Iso 8 2

You slot the Iso-8 crystals into Scientist Supreme’s latest invention, the Iso-8 Matrix, which increases the Power of one of five designated core attributes: 

  • Health

  • Damage

  • Armor

  • Resist

  • Focus

These Crystals are also attuned to one the five traits: 

  • Blaster

  • Brawler

  • Controller

  • Protector

  • Support

Work your way through the Isotope-8 Campaign to acquire the necessary Crystals for each character trait. Equipped Crystals allow access to powerful new Classes.

Iso 8 3

After you've acquired the Iso-8 Crystal of your desired attribute, it's time to equip them. Each type of Iso-8 Crystal can be equipped into one of five slots in the Iso-8 Matrix. If you have enough Iso-8 Crystals of a lower level, you can fuse them to create a higher level Iso-8 Crystal.

Once you've equipped all of your Crystals into the Matrix, you can unlock a powerful new Class. Classes are where your theorycrafting and customization comes alive. There are 5 Classes: 

  • Striker
  • Fortifier
  • Healer
  • Skirmisher
  • Raider

Iso 8 4

To assign a Class to a character, tap the center of the Iso-8 Matrix to view your options. Once you’ve viewed a Class and decided which one to equip, select the Class and have your Character empowered with their new abilities. 

You can switch between unlocked Classes for free at any time, so don't be afraid to experiment. Find the right Class for each character, and the best combination of Classes for each team.

Just like abilities, Classes can also be upgraded. Classes require all Iso-8 Crystals to be at the next Level in order to upgrade. So, for example, to upgrade a class from Level 1 to Level 2, all Iso-8 Crystals that are equipped must be at least Level 2.

Upgrading Classes costs Basic Ions, which are found in Campaign Nodes, in the Basic Ion Orb, and in your Daily Objectives.

Iso 8 5

But the true power of Iso-8 lies in each individual Class and their effects. Classes introduce these gameplay elements:

  • Active Healing will increase all non-Regeneration healing done by a character

  • Minor Effects operate at 50% reduced strength

  • An Iso Bonus Attack is a new attack from a character that is based on their Basic attack

  • A character inflicted with Vulnerable has incoming damage is increased by 10% (this is additive with Defense Down)

Iso 8 6

The Classes interact with Vulnerable in different ways, so keep that in mind when selecting a Class. Here's a rundown of each Class and their effects:

  • Strikers enhance attacks and gain an extra attack on Vulnerable enemies

  • Fortifiers protect themselves with a Barrier

  • Healers at the beginning their turn heal a low-health ally

  • Skirmishers create openings by applying Vulnerable to enemies

  • Raiders Critically Hit more frequently and can apply Vulnerable

You now have the tools to transform your roster with the power of Iso-8. All that's left is to join Scientist Supreme in the lab and start your own experiments. 

There are countless potential squad combinations offering additional strategies with Iso-8, so don’t be timid about trying new team configurations.

Iso 8 7

We’ll be looking to make future improvements to the system, so please give us your feedback to make it even better.

Good luck, Commander!

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