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August 3, 2021

MARVEL Strike Force is a game that is perpetually being updated and thus the meta-game (most popular current characters) is constantly evolving. This is a consolidated guide to help new and returning players quickly get caught up on efficient ways to play in the current environment to achieve victory.


In the early stages of the game, your focus will likely be on characters that can help you advance through the Campaigns and are the requirements to recruit Legendary characters (through recurring limited-time events). To unlock the Villains Campaign you'll need to unlock a second Villain character after Elektra. The Sinister Six faction are accessible early in the game and will eventually help you unlock not one, but two Legendary characters: Shuri and Invisible Woman.

If you recently started a brand new account, there are several Heroes that you’ll unlock for free, including Thor, Deadpool and Captain America. It’s recommended that you level-up the free characters you receive to get through the Heroes Campaign quickly. The goal is to get to Heroes node 6-9 where you can earn character shards for the powerful Captain Marvel, who will help you continue to progress through the Campaigns and in Raids. 

In the Blitz Store, you’ll likely want to target Gamora, as she has recently received a rework and can now become “Empowered” for even more potent attacks. To help with the Villains campaign, Rhino is a great choice to cash in your Blitz credits as he’s a durable tank and member of the Sinister Six team, which can be used to unlock the Legendary characters of Invisible Woman and Shuri.

In the Raid Store, you’ll want to be on the lookout to buy shards of Baron Zemo as he’s currently one of the best Villain characters, especially in PvP modes. Also recently added is the Hero, Yo-yo, who fits well into both S.H.I.E.L.D. teams and the Inhumans.

In the Arena Store, Scream is a member of the lethal Symbiotes team, which can shred through a lot of Raids. On the Heroes side, M’baku is a good choice if you need a solid tank that can better protect your squad, and he’s a necessity for the repeating Wakanda Flash Event.


This topic is a bit more nuanced as it can vary based on when you last played. If you haven’t started building up your Pym Tech team (Yellowjacket, Ghost, Stature, Wasp, and Ant-Man), that would be a great place to start as they are extremely useful to clear Dark Dimension, and are the required faction to unlock the explosive Legendary character, Jubilee. Her team, the Astonishing X-men (Iceman, Kitty Pryde, Bishop, and Beast), are also an incredibly powerful squad for Raids.

Continuing this route, by unlocking Jubilee and then building up X-Factor characters (Shatterstar, Longshot, Polaris, and Multiple Man), you’ll unlock one of the best new characters available: Adam Warlock. The Infinity Watch (Adam Warlock, Gamora, Phyla-Vell, Moondragon, and Nebula) are one of, if not the most powerful faction currently in the game, and dominate in Arena and Alliance War.


One of the most critical paths to earning resources to power-up characters is through Raids, so you need to join an active Alliance as soon as possible - this cannot be understated! For new players: you’ll automatically be put into an Alliance when you get to a certain level and unlock the feature. If you want to join a different Alliance, try using the Global Chat to advertise your level and how active you are. Outside of the game, there are some great places to check where alliances are recruiting often including the Official Discord Server and Official Facebook Group


If you haven’t played for a year or more, you might experience that climbing up the rankings in Arena is more difficult than you remember - but don’t feel that you have to start over just because of this. Arena is only one of the places to earn Power Cores and there are a lot of other methods, including Daily Objectives and Recurring Milestones.

Also, there are new Event Campaign missions that happen regularly that require you to use characters with a certain trait. The more expansive your roster is, the better the chance that you’ll have the needed characters to participate in those events and get great rewards.

Starting over would also significantly set you back in terms of Raid progress. Raids are where you’ll earn a lot of resources for gear and Store currency, so you’ll want to jump back into an Alliance that is actively raiding as soon as possible.

The only circumstance in which it might be recommended to create a new account is if you originally started over a year ago and played for less than 30 days. Otherwise, the positive aspects of your established roster outweigh the negatives.


Campaign Energy is one of the most important free resources in the game and it refills automatically over time. There are also three times per day when you can claim bonus Campaign Energy, so try setting reminders to ensure that you don’t miss these. It’s also advisable that you buy Campaign Energy every day with Power Cores, at least until the refresh amount shows 100 Power Cores.

Another important resource is Raid Energy and it also refills over time. Participating in Raids is essential to make significant roster progress, so try to find an Alliance that is actively raiding. When possible, try to use as much Raid Energy in each play session and do not let your Raid Energy sit at the maximum level.


Gear is one of the most critical ways of increasing a character's power in MSF. Increasing a character's gear tier will allow you to unlock and upgrade their abilities, as well as allow access to new and more challenging content like Dark Dimension. Starting at gear tier 10, unique gear will be required to keep enhancing your character's gear tier. This gear is used as a crafting material for the Unique (middle left) gear slot. This type of gear cycles through the Supply, Raid, and War Stores. You can also obtain large amounts of gear from Raids, War, Dark Dimension, and Campaign Missions. Make sure to play through each Dark Dimension twice to receive as much gear as possible. If you’re trying to find a specific piece of gear, earning 3 Stars on Campaign Missions will allow you to auto win those missions for their rewards. And finally, make sure to check the stores every day because the contents refresh at a set time daily.


Iso-8 is a fun and powerful way to customize your teams in combat. There are a variety of Classes and effects available in the Iso-8 system, most of which utilize the powerful Vulnerable status effect. Iso-8 is available in the Iso-8 Store and from the Isotope-8 Campaign nodes. Once you level your character up to level 75 and upgrade them to T1 Level 5 Iso-8 (green) you’ll be able to unlock T2 Iso-8 (blue), the next evolution of Iso-8. T2 Iso-8 adds additional effects to each Iso-8 Class and further increases the stat benefits provided.


Striker- Performs a bonus Basic attack against enemies you attack with Vulnerable. This Class requires cooperation with Skirmisher or Raider Classes, which apply Vulnerable. The best characters to apply Striker to are characters with high base damage, characters with additional effects on their Bonus Attacks, and characters that call allies to Assist.

Fortifier- Creates a Barrier on self. This is best for characters with high armor, high health, or self healing abilities, as well as high damage characters with low health who need a bit more survivability.

Healer- Heals a low health ally each turn. This is best for characters with a large health pool and characters with active healing abilities.

Skirmisher- Applies Vulnerable and clears positive effects from Vulnerable enemies. This is best used on characters who Assist on other characters' turns or characters with high Speed.

Raider- Increases Crit chance and damage, as well as applies Vulnerable on a Crit. This Class is best used on characters with a high Crit chance or with other effects that activate on a Crit and AOE (Area of Effect) or multi-hit abilities.


Whether you’re a new or returning player, you’ll definitely want to check out the Advanced Options tab. Find it by going to the Options menu (the gear icon in the upper right), scroll down and then select the Advanced button. There you will find a number of bonus features that you can choose to activate to enhance your gaming experience including:

  • Open multiple orbs at once
  • Item count in store
  • Quick Alliance access
  • Use reduced combat text
  • Cycle through Saved Squads in Blitz menu
  • ...and more!



(Credit: PimpToxie & TyeJae) and Bot are fantastic resources where you can browse all of the game's characters, campaigns, events, gear, maps, and much more. Don’t worry about digging too deep if you’re a brand new player but when you’re ready to take your game to the next level, here are just some of the resources you’ll find there:

  • Character profiles that show abilities, gear, and stats
  • Mission details on every Campaign, Challenge, and Event with an Enemy Inspector to help you strategize
  • Interactive Raid and Dark Dimension maps that provide details on every node, with the ability to create your own Lane Guides that can be shared
  • Alliance Management tools that let you create Alliance maps, set your War Room layout, display War Defenses, and display the team power values for every member in your Alliance

Some amazing content creators

There are many volunteers that create informative and entertaining content for the community to help players through their journey in MSF. Here are links to some of these awesome community leaders: 

English Language: YouTube

English Language: Twitch

French Language

Portuguese Language

Italian Language

Russian Language

Korean Language

Thanks to all the content creators and community leaders that contributed to this guide to help players effectively plan their progression.

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